11 July 2024
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Fit Your Camper 2024

A surprising debut for a first edition

The first edition of Fit Your Camper exceeded all expectations, attracting 12,623 visitors and 484 industry professionals, solidifying its strategic role in the Italian trade fair landscape. The new dates for the second edition of Fit Your Camper are set for April 3 and 4, 2025, for B2B days. The doors will open to the public on April 4 after 2 p.m., and on April 5 and 6

Fit Your Camper, the fair dedicated to accessories for campers, caravans, vans, and leisure, concluded in Erba, near the Como Lake in Italy, with participation beyond the best expectations. From April 4th to 7th, the event, held at the Lariofiere venue, drew an enthusiastic and passionate audience, opening a new chapter among industry events.
With an attendance of 12,623 visitors, Fit Your Camper has confirmed the great interest in the sector of accessories and equipment for outdoor tourism. The peak was recorded on Saturday, April 6th, with 6,902 visitors, followed by an equally lively Sunday with 5,721 enthusiasts crowding the exhibition spaces.
In addition to the public turnout, the presence of 484 industry professionals contributed to making the fair a strategic meeting point for market operators. The number of tickets booked through the online platform was even higher (17,819 bookings for B2C days and 760 for B2B days).
The organizers conducted a survey among operators and exhibitors and the preferences lean towards the following choices for the 2025 edition: same period and same location; one and a half B2B days (Thursday and Friday morning); Friday afternoon open to the public, free access. A fair where it is possible to sell accessories, but only those that do not require professional installation.

Initiatives and events
Numerous events characterized the days of the fair, enriching the experience for professional visitors and campers and caravanners. The organizers featured a networking dinner on Thursday, April 4th, where exhibitors and professional visitors enjoyed an evening of networking accompanied by jazz music and a well-received light dinner by Lariofiere’s internal catering service.
On Friday, April 5th, the first “Meet & Match” took place, marking a historic moment for the open-air tourism sector in Italy. This event saw enthusiastic participation from content creators, allowing companies to explore new digital marketing strategies and potential collaborations. The content creators used their platforms to amplify the event’s visibility, further enhancing Fit Your Camper’s reputation.
The “Camper Chef” event, powered by CAN, featured four culinary sessions led by chef Gianluca Gabanini.
“Fit Your Party!” on Saturday, April 6th, celebrated the passion for camper life with an evening of music, dance, and good food. Noteworthy among the initiatives were the seminar “On the Path of Innovation: The Future in Automotive and Recreational Vehicle Distribution,” organized by Quintegia and Camper Professional Italia; the presentation of the Camper Professional Dealer Award 2024; the game “It’s Game Time: All Professors with Someone Else’s Camper,” organized by Camperisti Italiani; the meeting “Traveling with Four-Legged Friends,” presented by Marta Viviani; and Alberto Orsatti’s intervention “Safe Driving School with Experts.”
Journalist Giovanni Battista Bertolani from Plein Air magazine hosted a series of engaging public meetings with various companies, adding interest and energy to the events with his technical knowledge and charisma.
Luca De Gennaro, journalist and photographer from Plein Air, conducted popular photography courses, teaching participants to capture not just places but the stories and atmospheres of their travels, turning travel photography into narrative art. The Fit Your Camper 2024 event was a comprehensive showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the camper and caravanning accessories world, offering a rich array of activities and learning opportunities for all attendees. The success of this first edition promises an even more exciting and engaging event in 2025. The new dates for the second edition of Fit Your Camper are set for April 3 and 4, 2025, for B2B days. The doors will open to the public on April 4 after 2 p.m., and on April 5 and 6.

The future of distribution: insights from the expert

During the B2B days of the Fit Your Camper fair, dedicated to dealers, researcher Elisa Giubilato from Quintegia addressed various topics concerning the automotive and caravanning sectors in her talk titled “Transformations Impacting Dealers and Consumers.”

Elisa Giubilato, with over 15 years of experience in automotive distribution, shared her insights on the industry’s evolution and ongoing changes.

Significant industry changes
The automotive sector has faced several transformative events over the past fifteen years:

  • The 2008-2009 subprime market collapse and the public debt crisis until 2012 significantly impacted automotive registrations.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted production and caused stock overages, forcing a shift from a demand-driven distribution model.
  • The transition to alternative energy sources like electric engines is reshaping the industry, requiring new skills and rapid adaptation to a changing market.

Agency model and dealership adjustments
The pandemic led to a stock shortage, prompting manufacturers to reconsider their distribution model, notably shifting towards an agency model where the manufacturer plays a more direct role in sales, reducing dealership risks and costs. This change is exemplified by brands like Smart and Mini adopting this model, with Stellantis expected to follow.

Dealer margins and market challenges
Dealership sales margins have significantly decreased over the last two decades, with a substantial reduction in invoice discounts and an increased reliance on variable bonuses linked to qualitative and quantitative criteria. The shift towards value over volume is prompting generalist brands to move towards the premium segment, while premium brands are advancing into the luxury market.

Consumer preferences and new mobility solutions
A survey by Quintegia revealed that half of the consumers would consider a new emerging brand for their next purchase, especially among Generation Z, reflecting a growing openness to innovative and less known automotive options. Dealerships are exploring new mobility solutions beyond traditional sales, including motorcycles, e-bikes, and scooters.

Digital engagement and customer experience
The importance of a well-structured website, social media engagement, and the management of online reviews are crucial for dealerships to attract and maintain customers. A focus on personalized customer experiences is key, with digital and physical dealership experiences needing to complement each other effectively.

Networking Dinner

On the evening of April 4th, the organizers hosted a networking dinner, inviting exhibitors and professional visitors to continue their discussions over fine wine. Antonio Mazzucchelli and Fabio Viviani took the opportunity to thank all attendees. The evening continued cheerfully with jazz music by a trio and a well-received aperitif catered by Lariofiere’s internal service.

First “Meet & Match” Event

The inaugural “Meet & Match” took place on April 5th, marking a historic moment for the open-air tourism sector in Italy. The event saw enthusiastic participation from around fifteen content creators, offering companies a chance to interact directly with bloggers and content creators to discover new digital marketing strategies and explore potential fruitful collaborations.

Camper Chef Series powered by Airxcel/CAN

In the central arena of Fit Your Camper, a series of four culinary sessions led by expert chef Gianluca Gabanini took place. Visitors learned how to prepare a full menu, from appetizers to desserts, with techniques suitable for the confined spaces of a camper. Each session featured Chef Gabanini sharing the secrets of his dishes, focusing on a specific course and engaging a large audience.

Fit Your Party!

On April 6th, Fit Your Camper hosted the Fit Your Party, an exclusive event celebrating the passion for camping with an evening full of music, dance, and good food. Pavilion C was transformed into a lively space for the occasion, equipped with long tables and benches to create a convivial atmosphere. The night came alive with an eclectic selection of music, from traditional melodies to modern rhythms, perfectly mixed by DJ Luca Giorgini. His talent in integrating video and music provided a multisensory experience that kept participants dancing late into the night.

“At School of Safe Driving with the Experts” powered by AL-KO

On the technical stage, Alberto Orsatti, an expert in high-end and sports automotive, led discussions on the dynamic behaviors of vehicles and answered audience queries, providing authoritative advice on safety both in driving and in setting up one’s recreational vehicle. The discussions covered traction, stability, road holding, how to react and counter potential critical situations, and how to securely distribute and stow cargo in the camper before departure.

Camper Professional Italia Award 2024

During the Fit Your Camper fair on April 4, 2024, the first edition of the Camper Professional Italia Award 2024 took place. This event honored who excelled in 2023 in three different categories: the Camper Professional RV Dealer Award 2024, recognizing outstanding RV dealers; the Camper Professional Legacy Award 2024, celebrating professionals who have made an indelible impact on the industry and left a lasting legacy; and the Camper Professional Editor’s Choice Mention 2024, highlighting companies and brands that stood out in 2024 for their marketing or promotional activities.
This award, highly appreciated by all attendees at the celebration, was established by the b2b journal Camper Professional Italia. This publication is another editorial product from our publishing house dedicated to professionals in the Italian market, with a specific focus on dealers and aftermarket accessories.