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Filippi 1971


Founded almost 50 years ago and active in the woodworking ever since, Filippi 1971 firmly fits into the recreational vehicle industry in 2000, starting a laminating line, recently doubled, for the supply of laminated lightweight panels to be used in the motorhome and caravan interiors as well as in the mobile homes around the world. In 2013, the partnership with the entrepreneur Giorgio Levoni opens to a new phase of consolidation and expansion that sees, among other initiatives, the launch of a new production line using the digital printing for the personalized panels decoration. In addition to it, a melamine pressing line completes the company’s product range with laminated panels that combine an innovative tactile experience with high resistance to wear, abrasion, light and scratches. At the end of 2016, the relentless activity of Filippi 1971 R&D delivers Vitter®, the new generation compact laminate which is highly customizable in the design and texture, is scratch resistant and 100% formaldehyde-free. At the beginning of 2017 a new building is set up exclusively for the manufacturing of complete furniture kits; the cabinet making has then been completed with the introduction of the production of curved doors and any kind of components, taking the range of action even broader than ever. The RV industry is the core business for Filippi 1971 but their activity reaches also the design, furniture and alternative niche markets which always push them to innovate and progress with the times.

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Filippi 1971
Via N. Sauro, 2
24030 Berbenno (BG)
Ph.: +39 035 861611
Web: www.filippi1971.com