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Fiat Professional is part of the FCA Group, known as a leader in the european LCV market, has established during the years an unchallenged leadership becoming the largest supplier of the motorhome manufacturers in Europe.
The main product is Ducato that is the the n°1 rv base in Europe, the ideal base for enjoyable and safe motorhomes and comes with a world of services. In addition, during the last year Fiat Professional has strengthened its presence in this sector entering in the 2P campervan segment with the Talento model.
This success stems also from more than 35 years of experience: since 1981, its winning features have been gradually perfected to turn Ducato into an authentic trendsetter produced in over 10,000 variants and sold in more than 80 countries worldwide.
Today, three out of four motorhome owners in Europe travel on a Ducato-based motorhome, which has been chosen by over 500,000 families for over ten years.
Since 2003, FCA has created within Fiat Professional a dedicated Team for RV’s business unit in which are involved professionals of the logistics, commercial, marketing, services and communication areas.
During these years, the team developed a range of services dedicated to RV buyers, like the exclusive customer care in 51 countries and 15 languages, a road assistance 24/7, a network of 6500 service point, a warranty offer extensible up to 5 years , a full dedicated website www.fiatcamper.com and an active Facebook community.
Product strengths come from the continuous development of innovative solutions on the vehicles and from constant work with the RV’s manufacturers, according to their specifications and requests.
In 2018 Ducato has been elected “Best Camper Base” for the 11th consecutive time by the readers of one of the most important German RV magazines.

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FCA Italy S.p.A.
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Web: www.fiatcamper.com