22 March 2024
22 March 2024, Comments Comments Off on Fiat reveals new 2024 Ducato, Doblò and Scudo line-up
Fiat reveals new 2024 Ducato, Doblò and Scudo line-up

FIAT has released details of the new ‘significantly renewed’ Ducato, Doblò and Scudo line-up for 2024 with new electric powertrains, design, connectivity systems, and next generation ADAS.

Thanks to the introduction of several aerodynamic improvements, the New Ducato ensures a reduction in terms of fuel consumption and Co2 by up to 5 percent compared to the previous generation.

Designed “in house”, the new E-Ducato offers a new 110-kwh battery for a best-in-class zero emission experience thanks to its autonomy up to 424km in the WLTP cycle, that makes it a top-performing within its category and offering +30% of range compared to the previous one. It is also offered at a reduced price of 25% to make it accessible to everyone, aligning with the Brand’s mission of being customer-centric.

The charging system is also completely new and allows 80% battery charging in as little as 55 minutes. Plus, thanks to the new electric architecture, the E-Ducato also introduces a wide range of new ADAS, making it the safest commercial vehicle in its segment.

The new Ducato maintains its best-in-class cargo load capacity of up to 17 m3 and payload of up to 1.5 tonnes for the electric version and 2 tonnes for the diesel version, which has made it the highest-selling vehicle in its sector.

A new “driven by the ingenuity” feature makes its debut both on BEV and diesel versions: the “Eat&Work” seat bench, aimed at improving the working lives of professionals and practicality, is a combination of a front table where to place notebooks, tables, or lunch trays and a rear zone organized with cupholders and storage vanes for pens or utensils. The table can rotate towards occupants to ensure maximum comfort.

Keyless Entry and Go are a standard feature on the electric version – to lock and unlock the cabin and load compartment doors and start the engine without the key; there is an electric parking brake as well to reduce clutter in the cabin; it is 100% connected thanks to new specific EV-features that support EV interaction with specific services provided by F2M eSolution. The central 7” full digital cockpit completes the standard equipment of the new E-Ducato.

An extensive line-up of diesel engines continue with the latest generation of MultiJet engines, compliant with Euro 6E regulations, offering a 6-speed manual transmission paired with three power levels (120, 140, 180 hp) and new 8-speed automatic transmission in combination with 140 and 180 hp. The Heavy-Duty range with Euro VI Step E homologation is articulated in the two power levels 140 and 180 hp, both combined with 6-speed manual transmission and the 8-speed automatic transmission. 

The Ducato is a winning model which has been continuously produced since 1981, marketed in more than 80 countries worldwide, and the ‘best base camper of the year’ for 16 times in a row, according to the specialized magazine Promobil. With 40 years of leadership in the industry, the Ducato has undergone constant improvements to stay best in class.

The 2024 Doblò offers advanced connectivity and technologies. The upgraded BEV version now ensures an impressive range of over 340 km in the WLTP combined cycle and fast charge, allowing to recharge 80% of battery capacity in only 30 minutes. The E-Doblò could also come with a heat pump for more efficiency.

The Smartphone Station in the new Doblò is also a key innovation, allowing the driver to control all infotainment devices using steering wheel buttons or voice commands. Another feature is the 10” Radio Touch, which improves the driving experience when paired with a rearview camera. Additionally, the new 10” Uconnect color touchscreen radio enhances infotainment quality, featuring an integrated navigation system for points of interest. It’s compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™, along with a customizable 10” full-color digital display.

The BEV version also includes paddles for selecting regenerative braking, with three levels for customer preference. Three driving modes—Normal, Eco, and Power—enhance the performance of the new E-Doblò.

In terms of safety, the primary advancement lies in the Magic Mirror, the dynamic surround vision which now features new design and a new enlarged vision zone, ensuring better visibility than a car. Thanks to a set of different cameras, the Magic Mirror allow customers to see both the rear and side of their vehicle, including blind spots. A cutting-edge feature that enables the driver to execute maneuvers with enhanced safety and perfectly represents the product ingenuity which has always been part of the Brand’s DNA. A full array of standard ADAS completes the Doblò safety equipment to provide the best comfortable and safe journey.

The new Scudo now comes with a revamped design, improved efficiency, state-of-the-art connectivity, and more sophisticated driving aids. The new E-Scudo is a modern and unstoppable vehicle thanks to the 100% electric powertrain that offers a best-in-class electric range of up to 352 km (in the WLTP mixed cycle) and a smoother and more responsive driving experience.

The new Scudo offers space and cabin management solutions designed exclusively to put professionals in the best working conditions. The state-of-the-art system for loading bulky materials highlights the unique versatility of the model: with Magic Cargo functionality, professionals can extend the loading area up to 3.67 m in the standard version and a maximum of 4.02 m in the Maxi version.

Thanks to its compactness and comfortable driving position the new Scudo feels as comfortable as a car, allowing customers to have a stress-free workday, even on longer journeys. Despite the compactness of the vehicle’s exterior, the available Cargo volume of up to 6.3m³ is incredibly large, with up to 1.25 ton of payload for electric and up to 1.4 ton of payload for thermal versions. Plus, its compact size makes the Scudo the ideal partner to move freely in city centre and, with a height of only 190 cm, fit in any parking garage.  

In terms of safety, it is equipped with a full array of standard ADAS aimed at ensuring the utmost ease and safety during the journey. The new FIAT Professional Scudo also features new connectivity and infotainment features that are essential to help professionals to better face the day-to-day challenges of their work.