1 July 2019
1 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Fiat reveals electric Ducato model for 2020
Fiat reveals electric Ducato model for 2020

The Fiat Ducato will have an all-electric model available in its new 2020 model range with a choice of battery options and charging configurations offering a total range of 220 to 360 km (NEDC cycle). The maximum power and torque are 90kW and 280Nm, respectively, with a top speed limited to 100 km/h to optimise energy use. Although the Ducato is the most popular base vehicle for the majority of motorhomes in Europe, the electric version is not currently suitable for RVs.

As well as being the European market leader for the last five years, approximately three in every four motorhomes sold are based on the Fiat Ducato.

The Ducato Electric – an all-electric BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) doesn’t compromise in terms of load and performance. It will be available with the same body variants with the same load volumes (from 10m3 to 17m3) as the rest of the Ducato range, and the best payload on the market of up to 1,950kg. It will team-up with the natural gas Ducato Natural Power to complete the alternative fuel offering from Fiat Professional.

The Ducato will be the first fully-electric Fiat Professional model designed and developed by the FCA Group. It will be available to order later this year, ahead of its launch in 2020. It will be launched with a pilot scheme working with major clients.

The Ducato Electric has been conceived and developed on the basis of a specific, detailed study of customers’ real use of their vehicles. This involved a year of data gathering, which confirmed that more than 25 percent of the market already has a “BEV Attitude” in terms of use, routes, dynamics and performances, and is therefore ready and waiting for a mobility change