21 July 2020
21 July 2020, Comments Comments Off on Fiat Professional launches “Ducato on Starred Holidays” media campaign
Fiat Professional launches "Ducato on Starred Holidays" media campaign

Fiat Professional is launching a “Ducato on Starred Holidays” digital and print media campaign to promote that a Ducato-based motorhome is the ideal guarantee of a cool, safe vacation accessible to all, and the best way to restart after so many months locked down at home.

The principles of the campaign are an anthem to wanderlust as a statement of all the energy and feeling of the restart, that a Ducato-based motorhome is a protected, self-sufficient environment, easy to clean and sanitize, so you can travel safely with family or friends.

These simple concepts are the guiding principles of the new Fiat Professional campaign, which includes an evocative print media campaign with immediate, eye-catching vacation images and claims, emphasizing all the inimitable added value of a vacation in a motorhome: dining beneath a starlit sky or in a Michelin-starred restaurant, enjoying your own ‘open bar’ that never closes, choosing to stay a stone’s throw from the sea, immersing yourself in nature, truly getting away from it all.

Fiat Professional has a dedicated team that can boast a profound knowledge of the world of Recreational Vehicles, as ‘certified’ by the “Fiat Professional for Recreational Vehicles” logo. The brand is also highly specialized in terms of products and services for motorhome owners, thus ensuring maximum flexibility and freedom for its customers.

“Leader in Freedom” is a concept with a precise meaning. “Freedom” is a ‘customer promise’ that Fiat Professional keeps by ensuring proximity and solutions to any issues that might come up during your vacation.
For years, Fiat Professional has provided dedicated, multilingual customer service. A website is also available, as are a Fiat Ducato motorhome Facebook page and a content-rich Instagram page.