16 August 2017
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Fiat Ducato Euro 6

The sixth generation has arrived

Fiat presents the new Euro6 Multijet2 engines, top in class in terms of fuel efficiency and deliver high torque at low rpms, a feature which is highly appreciated by motorhome drivers. The 130, 150 and 180 Multijet2 engines are also available with “Comfort Matic” robotised gearbox for relaxing driving.

The sixth generation of FIAT Ducato has been presented: a perfect solution to the requirements of handling, comfort, safety, performance, fuel-efficiency and environment-friendliness. The engines, all Euro6, are provided with Low Pressure EGR technology (LPEGR), which intercepts the exhaust gases after the DPF and returns them to the combustion chamber via a low-pressure circuit. This system has two advantages: it abates NOx emissions by means of a lower combustion temperature and saves fuel by ensuring better efficiency of the turbine. Furthermore, all the engine in line-up of Ducato are top in class in their power class in terms of fuel efficiency and delivery high torque at low rpms, which is a highly appreciated feature by motorhome drivers. The Multijet2 engine range delivers power from 115 to 180 HP: an offering capable of satisfying the most diverse needs of motorhome producers and end customers.
“To comply with Euro6 regulations, we have developed a specific solution for the combustion gas treatment called Low-Pressure EGR technology”, says Fulvio Ceresa, Product Planning Fiat Professional Recreational vehicles & Converters “The system intercepts exhaust gases after the DPF, and feeds them back to the combustion chamber through a low-pressure circuit. This brings two main advantages: lowered combustion temperature reduces NOx emissions and improved turbo-charger efficiency allows fuel savings. Compared to mainstream Euro6 systems, ours is lighter, simpler, easier, more economic to maintain and it does not require the use of AdBlue”.
The 2-litre 115 Multijet2 is the most economic and eco-friendly of the range, ideal for camper vans. It has 115 HP and 290 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is reduced by 6 percent with respect to the previous Euro5+ version. It is now available with new six-speed gearbox and a right-hand drive version.
The 2.3-litre 130 Multijet2 engine is the ideal best-seller for medium-sized motorhomes: it is easy to drive in all conditions with a maximum torque of 320 Nm available already at 1800 rpm. It is ideal for mixed use: agile in traffic, brilliant on long hauls. Once again, fuel consumption is reduced by 3 percent with respect to the previous version. The upgrades made to the 2.3 150 Multijet2 make this engine ideal also for chassis cab or cowl. The maximum torque is reaches 380 Nm, available from 1500 rpm. Also in this case, fuel consumption is reduced by 3 percent with respect to the previous Euro5+ version.
“Finally there is the powerful 180 Multijet2, is ideal for large and heavy motorhomes or performance-oriented Customers” keeps on Fulvio Ceresa, “It delivers the same level of torque and power as the previous 3-liters engine but its fuel consumption is almost 20% lower, it weighs 40kg less, so offering very useful extra payload. A result that has been achieved by improving the aerodynamics of the turbo-compressor, introducing a special-steel driveshaft, reinforcing pistons and increasing the fuel pump capacity”. Other important news concerns the entire range: a new reinforced alternator available on request which reduces charging time by 10%, and a new dual mass flywheel on 150 and 180 Multijet2, which ensure less vibrations and consequently better driving and travelling comfort”.
The robotised “Comfort Matic” transmission is available on all 2300 cm3 engines. In addition to automatic and manual mode, the “Comfort Matic” transmission has “Up” mode, designed to obtain the best performance on the most demanding roads. Travelling in a Ducato Motorhome today brings with it the reassurance of having access to over 6,500 Fiat Professional service points, equipped for servicing and repairing Ducato-based motorhomes, of which over 1,800 Fiat Camper are specifically dedicated to motorhomes. Today, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, users can call the dedicated roadside assistance and Customer Care centre and speak with one of the twenty Brand Ambassadors who have consolidated know-how on motorhome products and are ready to provide answers, in the caller’s language, and quickly solve their problems by interfacing and coordinating with other teams within the organisation, if needed. Customer Care is increasingly integrated with roadside and workshop assistance: all motorhome end-users can rely on a mobile workshop ready to reach them in no less than 44 different countries.The service range is truly complete: the Mopar Vehicle Protection offer “Maximum Care Camper” extended warranty is a programme providing servicing coverage for all mechanical and electrical components of Ducato with various time and mileage options, valid all over Europe.

Fiat Ducato: the star
Bertrand Noguès, Light Commercial Vehicles Sales Converters Manager says “The star in our range is, and will continue to be, Ducato, the European best-seller in the “large van” 2.8 to 4 ton segment and also first in 9 National markets. Last year Ducato totalled a market share of 21%, some 4 points ahead of the second player and in the first quarter 2016 it reached nearly 23%. Actually about 3 out of 4 Motorhomes in Europe are produced on a Ducato base. Ducato is the absolute leader in this industry due to an intuition: we have developed product, features and services always with the motorhome Customer in mind. When I say “Customer”, I mean both motorhome producers and end users. Ducato tailored contents meet the expectations of both motorhome producers and users from pre-cut roof to lowered chassis and from enhanced suspension systems to extended rear track. Ducato is leading this evolution as the most suitable vehicle for camper/van conversions having an ample and regular-shaped cargo compartment, an optimal ratio between overall length and cab length, low access threshold with wide sliding door, more than 200 configurations available as van/camper base”.