6 April 2022
6 April 2022, Comments Comments Off on FCA Bank announces pan-European partnership with Concorde
FCA Bank announces pan-European partnership with Concorde

As part of its diversification and expansion strategy in Europe, FCA Bank is entering the luxury motorhome business by signing a partnership with Concorde, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of premium motorhomes. FCA Bank will provide its financial services to the dealer network and end customers of the German brand, which has been making exclusive models for over 40 years.

The partnership with Concorde is already active in Germany and will soon be operational in all European markets. The agreement covers Concorde’s six model lines – Credo, Carver, Charisma, Cruiser, Liner and Centurion -, four-wheeled yachts that combine luxury, comfort and power.

FCA Bank thus aims to extend its role as a leader in mobility, integrating its services to sales networks and end customers in a sector that has been growing rapidly throughout Europe.

In 2021 the recreational vehicle market, and motorhomes in particular, showed a record 13.2% increase in registrations, compared to the previous year (in Italy the increase was 9.2%), thus confirming and continuing in the wake of an already fast-growth trend. Above all, in 2021, for the first time in Europe, the number of new motorhomes registered in 12 months exceeded 181,000, out of a total fleet of around 6 million vehicles.

“We are proud of our agreement with Concorde, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of premium leisure vehicles, providing the ideal solution for on-the-road travel and holidays in comfort and luxury,” said Giacomo Carelli, CEO and General Manager of FCA Bank. “This agreement marks our entry into the world of premium motorhomes, solidifying our position in a market that is growing rapidly across Europe and whose popularity seems to know no crisis”.

Concorde Reisemobile GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury motorhomes. With a 40-year success story and long tradition, Concorde is recognized throughout the industry as an innovative motorhome developer and premium manufacturer with the best precision and highest quality standards.

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