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fasp300Since entering the recreational-vehicle sector in 1970, FASP has become a leading producer of seats, benches, swivel plates, and other accessories. The firm has an enviable reputation in the van industry for its benches that convert to beds. These products have revolutionized the sector, inspiring the “fulltime” vehicle genre while offering comfy, safe multipurpose seats that are easy to install. FASP has attended the international RV trade fairs for over thirty years and vaunts a comprehensive product range from luxurious individual seats with integrated belts to double benches specially designed for dinettes. All items are made in-house; the company’s production facilities span 8,000 square meters (3,800 of which indoors). The sundry production departments include the workshop – where the structures are built using modern, efficient equipment including three robotized welding lines – and the pre-forming department, where the seat padding and coverings are made. They have a new lab for crash and robustness tests run by a sophisticated computer system, enabling FASP to perform the strength and safety tests in-house for certification by the relevant authorities points.

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