22 June 2017
22 June 2017, Comments Comments Off on Euro Slide system now manufactured in Italy
Euro Slide system now manufactured in Italy

LCI Industries (NYSE: LCII) (“LCI”), a major original equipment manufacturer for recreational vehicles and leading global supplier of slide-out systems has begun producing its Euro Slide system at its European manufacturing plant in Florence, Italy. Numerous components for the European recreational vehicle sector are already manufactured at the site, under the brand name Project 2000, such as retractable steps (electric, electronic and manual), LCD TV bracket mounts and and bed lifting mechanisms.

Project 2000’s technical division has industrialized its production process to obtain a standardized product, providing improvements sought after by manufacturers who make use of the Euro Slide system. “The aluminium angle profiles are processed by our 14-axis work center, which is highly automated for both loading and unloading bars, and is capable of cutting, milling and drilling with absolute precision,” – states Niccolò Nardini, Production and IT Manager at Project 2000, – “This way, all angle profiles are identical and can be easily coupled to the worm screws providing the slide out movement. The motor and screws are now supplied already assembled onto the angle profile, and the mechanism is tested during the assembly stage. We’ve also introduced a special bracket for mounting the motor, facilitating its assembly and disassembly: all that’s required now are four screws, whereas previously the motor had to be taken apart.”
The insertion of washers protecting the wall scrolling guides has also been automated, thanks to a machine specially developed for this purpose. In addition, a new packaging system has been developed, allowing for more angle profiles in a packing carton without the risk of damage due to shocks or scratches.

“Our extensive technical expertise from Project 2000 and from our US electronics division (IDS) has certainly served us well towards fine-tuning slide outs tailored for the European market: light, reliable, easy to manufacture , and functionally superb” – confirms Larry Revelino, Director of International Business Development at LCI. “The interest and activity with the Euro Slide Out continues to expand so it was natural to establish a solid production facility that can consistently exceed the tough European standards. As the market will soon recognize, this is just the first step in expanding the LCI solutions for a variety of Space on Demand applications.”