27 March 2023
27 March 2023, Comments Comments Off on Elyplan Design PVC: a natural look for the interiors’ floors of recreational vehicles
Elyplan Design PVC: a natural look for the interiors’ floors of recreational vehicles

Brianza Plastica is one of the leading companies in Europe for the production of high-quality grp fiberglass laminates. With its Elycold and Elyplan range of products, it is able to provide the demanding market with flat grp panels produced using two different technologies: discontinuous cold laminating and continuous hot laminating.

The products which belong to the Elycold family are made by discontinuous lamination and, thanks to the cold polymerisation of the material, in the final product the fiberglass is nearly invisible.

On the other hand, the composite materials of the Elyplan grp laminates reach the highest possible polymerisation during the continuous hot laminating process and the result is perfectly flat and excellent quality fiberglass panels.

All Brianza Plastica fiberglass laminates are produced using the finest raw materials and are light, hail and UV resistant, waterproofing, corrosion, and strong impacts resistant.  

The Elyplan products are various and every one of them has its own peculiarity, which makes the panels suitable for different applications: for recreational, commercial, and industrial vehicles or public transport. In particular, the new Elyplan Design PVC collection is specifically studied to give the interiors’ floors of vehicles a unique and natural look.

But how are these laminates produced? The Elyplan Design PVC grp laminates are created by applying a decorative PVC layer to the fiberglass reinforcement, directly during the production’s process. Thanks to this operation, there is no need for an extra adhesives’ coating: an environmentally friendly solution, which also helps to contain the panels’ weight, that is fundamental to improve fuel efficiency and the overall vehicles’ performance.

Elyplan Design PVC grp laminates are completely odour-free as their component materials do not contain any styrene-based resin; they are resistant to scratches and abrasions and that’s why they are perfectly suitable for interiors’ applications and for areas that receive heavy foot traffic.

Moreover, the combination of PVC and fiberglass, two strong and long-lasting materials, allows the panel to withstand impacts, water, humidity, and many chemicals’ substances. Because of these characteristics, the Elyplan Design PVC grp laminates can be easily cleaned with a variety of products, without the risk of damaging the materials. Additionally, the product does not require any special sealing treatments, which makes them a low-maintenance product.

In conclusion, the Elyplan Design range is meant to completely revolutionise the aesthetic of Brianza Plastica’s fiberglass laminates: the panels are durable, very light, easy and quick to be cleaned and installed, they are odour-free, they ensure money saving, and, above all, they are produced assuring high quality, while lowering the impact on the environment.

For more information contact us at: sales-flatlaminates@brianzaplastica.it or visit the website:   https://elycold.brianzaplastica.it/en/ or the LinkedIn page https://www.linkedin.com/company/brianza-plastica-fibreglass-laminates-division