16 March 2022
16 March 2022, Comments Comments Off on Elycold Velo: a new entry in the family of Brianza Plastica flat laminates
Elycold Velo: a new entry in the family of Brianza Plastica flat laminates

Careful studies and reseaches have lead the Company to launch this new and special product on the market, celebrating its sixtieth anniversary of activity in the best possible way.

2022 marks a special achievement for Brianza Plastica; sixty years ago, Giuseppe Crippa established his Company, whose headquarters is still in Carate Brianza, near Milan, in north Italy.

The efforts and knowledge of the founder, together with his staff, projected the Company into the international and diversified market of fibreglass laminates for industrial and commercial sectors.

Over the years, Brianza Plastica never stopped its production and constant research and implementation on products, expanding the range and finishes of flat and curved sheets and rolls, for a wide variety of applications in multiple fields such as agriculture, farming, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as commercial vehicles (trucks, buses) and recreational vehicles (campers and caravans); to these two last sectors are dedicated the Elycold and Elyplan GRP laminates ranges.

Nowadays, Brianza Plastica is one of the few Companies worldwide which produces flat laminates using two production technologies: the continuous hot laminating and the discontinuous cold laminating one.

All the products are entirely made in Italy in the 5 production sites of the Company. Brianza Plastica produces Elyplan sheets and rolls in continuous the site of Carate Brianza; it manufactures Elycold fiberglass laminates in discontinuous  in the two facilities of San Martino di Venezze (Rovigo) and in the site of Ostellato (Ferrara).

Even though Elycold and Elyplan are two different ranges of products, they have the following common characteristics: they are light and waterproofing, hail and UV resistant, have a low thermal espansion coefficient, strong corrosion and high impact resistant.

Among the two ranges, the Elycold laminates have the best aesthetic appearance while Elyplan laminates offer a good quality/price ratio.

Elycold GRP laminates are a combination of polyester resin (orthophthalic and isophthalic) and glass fibre. Their polymerization process at ambient temperature provides perfect flatness, optimum aesthetic finishing and excellent long-term properties. The Elycold range consists of: Elycold STD, Elycold Xlite and the last newborn Elycold Velo.

The Elycold Velo is realized with UV stabilized orthophtalic polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass; available both in sheets and rolls, these GRP laminates resist to chemical agents, are waterproofing and easy to wash.

The new Elycold Velo fiberglass laminates are supplied without gelcoat: this characteristic is extremely important since gelcoat is an expensive material, whose addition increases the weight of the laminate and hence contributes to influence the weight of the final vehicle too.

Elycold Velo laminates are available in different thicknesses, from 0.9 to 1.4 mm, and weights from 300 gm to 600 gm.

As glass composition, Elycold Velo laminates use only MAT + tissue, in order to provide better aesthetic performance. The MAT gives all the physical characteristics to the laminate, ensuring a perfect smooth surface on the outer side; Brianza Plastica offers different weights of MAT into the laminate, giving hence the possibility to satisfy all the market requirements. The tissue, instead, is a thin layer of fiberglass which increases the aesthetic quality of the material too.

As far as the application is concerned, the entire range of Elycold Velo laminates are particularly suitable for recreational vehicles, both in interior roofs and walls, or where a gelcoat protected material is not necessary.