2 July 2024
2 July 2024, Comments Comments Off on Eberspaecher to showcase its latest products for electric, hybrid and conventional RVs at the Caravan Salon 2024
Eberspaecher to showcase its latest products for electric, hybrid and conventional RVs at the Caravan Salon 2024

At this year’s Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Eberspaecher will be offically launching two of its latest heating and cooling products – the E-Airtronic 230/110V electric air heater with a modular design designed to be used in electric-powered or conventional RVs, as well as its first air conditioning unit for RVs and caravans, the Breezonic, at its Booth B11 in Hall 13.

The E-Airtronic EHV1 applies Eberspaecher’s expertise it’s gained from the commercial vehicle market (with its successful Airtronic series) to e-mobility. There are 230 V and 110 V versions of the E-Airtronic electric air heater, both with a 1 kW heating performance, specially developed for battery-powered electric vehicles, provides heat when wanted during the winter months. The heater’s compact design measures 207 mm in length and 139 mm in height simplifies installation and design freedom in thermal management.

Its modular design ensures a wide range of product variations and flexible application options for OEMs. It also offers a choice of different outlets and air systems. Furthermore, it allows the additional integration of a coolant heating component, for example, to keep the interior of hybrid vehicles at the right temperature while driving.

The E-Airtronic impresses with s particularly quiet operation for a restful night’s sleep—thanks to its step–less and brush-less blower. The device is ideal for use in caravans and motorhomes with conventional or hybrid power systems — via an onshore power supply or an energy management system. The low weight of just 1.45 kg has minimal impact on the camper’s or caravan’s maximum permissible weight.

The new Breezonic is a rooftop air-conditioning system with heat pump that heats or cools, as required. Its particularly quiet operation and night mode guarantee relaxing peace and quiet for all The system also has compact dimensions, low weight, and high performance efficiency. The refrigerant R32 used for operation is far more environmentally friendly than the common R410A.

There are two versions of the Breezonic with power outputs of 2.5 or 3.6 kW to make it suitable for individual comfort requirements. The touch panel integrated in the air distributor means it can be controlled directly on the appliance. In addition, the roof system can be controlled with the corresponding app (via Bluetooth) or with an optional infrared remote control. The optionally available EasyStart Touch, which is installed on the wall and has an internal temperature sensor, offers intuitive and uncomplicated operation via the touchscreen. The glass front ensures an elegant design and easy cleaning. In addition to recreational vehicles, the Breezonic is also suitable for caravans.

Eberspaecher will also be exhibiting its proven product families of air and water heaters. This includes: the third generation of the Airtronic featuring quickly available heat with optimized power consumption in all output classes from 2 to 8 kW; the Hydronic, offering a particularly high heating output of up to 12 kW for larger RVs; and the EasyStart Pro, with an intelligent and permanently mounted operating element; plus the Internet-based EasyStart Web control system to ensure straightforward operation via app or browser.