10 January 2019
10 January 2019, Comments Comments Off on Eberspächer and the microSNAP
Eberspächer and the microSNAP

Eberspächer’s heating and cooling expertise is featured in the microSNAP autonomous vehicle concept study by Rinspeed at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. 

The principle of the small autonomous vehicles is simple: It is designed with “Pods” which fit on to a chassis (“Skateboard”). Depending on the intended use, these “Pods” can be designed to be a delivery van, charging station or autonomous taxi.

The chassis (“Skateboard”) contains all the parts susceptible to wear. Depending on the application and the desired temperature, the Eberspächer systems will operate automatically. This is achieved by combining space-saving split air-conditioning and an electric air heater.

Eberspächer’s connectivity solutions for its climate control functions are suitable for vehicle fleets and easy to operate. Depending on the time of year, and the outside temperature, the microSNAP can automatically adjust to the ideal temperature before it picks-up its passengers or its next delivery. 

Another microSNAP application in which ESS plays a key role is when it is used as a mobile charging station. The Power Pod contains a lithium-iron-phosphate battery from Eberspächer with an output of 480 V / 144 Ah. It generates a maximum of 69 kWh, which means the range of battery electric vehicles can be further enhanced or electrical equipment operated.

The taxi Pod transports up to two people in a temperature-conditioned vehicle. Furthermore, passengers can also adjust the temperature during the journey.