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Dreoni Giovanna srl was born in 1966 in Tuscany, in the Prato area, a district famous for its textile industries since ancient times but that has experienced a real boom in the 1950s. Founded by Giovanna Dreoni and her husband Elio, the company has successfully worked until 2000, producing covers for car’s seats. Then it started focusing on recreational vehicles, by increasingly cooperating with the local builders for the interior trims. Fifty years after its establishment, the motorhome sector has become strategic for the company. Today Dreoni Giovanna srl is a genuine industrial tailor whose skills many European manufacturers rely on in order to obtain custome-made linings, curtains and carpets.

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Via G. di Vittorio, 19
59021 Vaiano (PO)
Ph.: +39 0574 988880
Fax: +39 0574 987231
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.dreoni.com