30 March 2016
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Dometic’s annual report 2015

dometic_reportDometic’s annual report 2015 available, you can read it here

Some excerpts:

Dometic Group is operating across several market niches with a combined global size of SEK 46 billion. General economic conditions like GDP growth and employ- ment levels are impacting the individual markets. There are also several specific trends like growth in leisure spending and increased requirements for comfort when living mobile that are driving the growth of our underlying markets.

2015 WAS IN most of our geographical markets and segments a year with good market momentum. Growth in RV OEM Americas, strong emerging recovery of RV OEM EMEA and increasing demand in our After- market, all supported our organic growth of eight percent during the year. Our market The size of our market is estimated to be around SEK 46 billion in total, of which the Aftermarket is thelargest sub-market at roughly SEK 29 billion, followed by RV OEM at approximately SEK 11 billion. Geographically, Americas is the largest region with a market at around 55 percent of the total market, followed by EMEA at approximately 35 percent and APAC at around 10 percent. The US represents the majority of Americas, and Germany is the single most important market in EMEA. In APAC the largest single market is Australia.

US: changing RV landscape

The RV market continues to gain momentum, with new buyers entering the market. In addition to a large population of active seniors who appreciate RV travel, the fastest growing RV owner age group is 35–54 year-olds, according to a 2014 RVIA industry profile. Lower fuel prices have also contributed to the overall positive trend in the RV market. We now have one team selling all Dometic and Atwood products. This opens new doors and offers more opportunities to build upon each compa- ny’s established customer relationships. Innovative new products continue to give us the market edge and establish Dometic Group even further as a great product company. One such product is the innovative Dometic Power Track awning line and power channel rail that can be mounted in or on the outside of an RV, to snap on a multitude of accessories such as fans, LED lights or audio speakers. Another important launch during the year was the newest Dometic Blizzard air con- ditioner, which is lighter, smaller and more aesthetically pleasing than the previous model. In addition, the Dometic Super Hybrid Refrigerator, our pre- mium-priced refrigerator for RVs, was launched in late 2015. This is the only product in the world with an absorption-based refrigerator and a compression freezer, enabling Dometic Group to offer the best of both worlds — electric and gas.

EMEA: strong growth in RV OEM segment

In the RV OEM segment there was strong growth, with the industry up almost 10 percent, driven by Germany, France and Italy, and summer RV shows across EMEA having record attendance. In anticipation of a market recovery and good weather, we topped up our warehouse inventories and that strategy paid off. We could therefore fulfill and support the Aftermarket supply chain to our deal- ers and wholesalers and were able to cope, for example, with a higher demand for air conditioners in the peak season. We were able to expand our market share in some areas due to several new product launches like the Dometic 9-Series of refrigerators, Dometic SkyView, a skylight window for RVs, and the new complete Dometic awning range for Europe.