DOMETIC showcases new IoT Multiplex System at RVX

14 March 2019
14 March 2019, Comments Comments Off on DOMETIC showcases new IoT Multiplex System at RVX

Dometic is demonstrating its new IoT Multiplex System Solution for RVers at the RVX show in Salt Lake City, Utah, America.

The new Dometic IoT Multiplex System solution provides SMART technology and intuitive features that monitor and control the vital functions of an RV via an LCD screen fitted in the vehicle, or the mobile app on a smartphone or tablet.

Flexible configurations allow LCD control screens to be placed in strategic areas of the RV in any number of groupings (1, 2, 3 or more) to make customization, control, and comfort easier than ever.

Intelligent software enables the control screens to display the most relevant functions in a given room or area. It also has the ability to program automations, such as turning off all the lights, lock the doors and set climate to the desired temperature.

The system provides monitors system usage, indicating when critical resources are reaching their limits, like gas or water supply levels, and battery life.

OEMs can configure a unique system across their entire RV model range
as modularity allows custom configurations to be designed to meet their needs around functionality and price.

As an example, Dometic has worked closely with Canadian manufacturer, Leisure Travel Vans, a brand of Triple E RV. Using customer feedback, Dometic was able to quickly identify the most important features and incorporate them into developing the IoT solution. The result of this partnership is being showcased at RVX in its Unity model.

“The team at Leisure Travel Vans has been fantastic to work with,” says Joe Wine, IoT Product Manager at Dometic. “We believe that through our collaboration the Dometic’s IoT solution will meet the high expectations of their customers.”

“The team at Dometic has taken an innovative approach with their new IoT solution. It’s been a great collaboration and amazing to see how fast it has all come together,” says Mike Elias, Vice President of Marketing at Leisure Travel Vans. “We are excited to see our customers’ reaction to the new system and for the potential that it holds.”

Stefan Brosick, Vice President/General Manager of Dometic RV OEM said: “Our innovation team was tasked with producing a smart, intuitive product with a compressed timeline, and delivered an exceptional product on time.”