2 September 2022
2 September 2022, Comments Comments Off on Dometic launches ‘next-generation’ RV air conditioners
Dometic launches 'next-generation' RV air conditioners

Dometic has launched its ‘next generation’ FreshJet FXJ series rooftop RV air conditioner with two highly efficient electronic models and an entry- level version with mechanic control at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf. They feature a fresh design, superior cooling performance, optimized air flow, and surprisingly quiet operation. 

The two electronic Dometic FreshJet FJX models (1700 and 2200 watts) set new benchmarks in mobile air conditioning. Powerful and efficient, these roof air conditioners cool down the cabin in record time with minimal energy consumption, and quietly. The integrated air purifier system effectively filters out bacteria and unpleasant smells. Everyone on board can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and wake up to a new day full of energy.

To achieve the new level of comfort and performance, the Dometic engineers redesigned the Air Distribution Box fitted inside on the cabin ceiling. The air flow system is optimized to improve efficiency and minimize noise, and size and shape of the air vent blades were altered to allow convenient fingertip adjustment of the air flow direction. A beautiful ambience light adds the finishing touch to the new air distribution unit.

For exterior, the FreshJet FJX features modern and fresh design of the aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit.