29 November 2019
29 November 2019, Comments Comments Off on Dethleffs wins Brand Champion award
Dethleffs wins Brand Champion award

Dethleffs, one of the German caravan and motorhome brands in the Erwin Hymer Group, has won a “Brand Champion” award after a survey of 600,000 people about the emotional value of particular brands by the der WELT media group and the consultancy ServiceValue.

“The result is overwhelming,” says Dethleffs marketing manager Helge Vester. Dethleffs scored “above average” in the “Brand Fascinating Score” in the caravan manufacturer segment, making it the best in the industry. Other winning brands in the research included Amazon, Netflix, RedBull and Facebook. Within the caravan industry, Dethleffs competed against eight other manufacturers.

The research concluded that all “brand champions” are above average successful in communicating their messages. The consumers surveyed were asked the direct question: “Indicate whether Dethleffs inspires you personally.” There were three answer options: “Yes”, “No” or “I cannot assess the brand because I do not know the brand”. 49.2 percent answered with “Yes.”

The companies that score highest in the research stand out because of good ‘surprises’ for their customers. For Dethleffs, this included comments such as “a friend of the family”. This positioning makes the brand clearly recognizable.

All “brand winners” had one thing in common: They convey a sense of life, or a message that goes beyond just the product.

Brands are often successful because there is an emotional background story, something that applies to Dethleffs which created one of the first caravans in Germany in 1931 when the company was founded by Arist Dethleffs who invented the mobile “house car” out of love for his family so he could take them on his business trips.