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Dekalin is a prominent and successful brand in the specialized field of adhesions, coatings and sealants for more than 100 years. It all started with the production of an adhesive for the labels of canned food. This was the foundation for ‘Dekalin Deutsche Klebwerkstoffe’ in Hanau/Germany, back in the year 1907. First their product-portfolio embraced several natural adhesives and after 1945 the company adjusted their products to market demands, synthetic adhesives and coatings for industrial customers, especially the automotive and transportation  industry. Dekalin supplies a broad range of customers with anti-corrosion-, stone chip- and sound deadening coatings and an extensive range of adhesives and sealants for the transport sector, general- and building industry. In favor of commercial, practical and facilitairy arguments Dekalin moved to Bergeijk in the Netherlands, in 1995. In 2014 Dekalin moved to a complete new production facility to Hapert in the Netherlands. The high production capacity with opportunities for growth in a modern well equipped complex build on an area of 26.000 square metres. Dekalin is, historically, a specialized company focused on the OEM sector, with ISO certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. As a result, a varying range of OEM’s have approved many Dekalin products for their production processes.

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Dekalin, brand of Diffutherm B.V.
Smaragdweg 50
5527 LB Hapert
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 497 551 080
Fax: +31 497 551 088
Web: www.dekalin.com
Email: [email protected]