3 February 2022
3 February 2022, Comments Comments Off on Daniel Onggowinarso, MD of the CIVD, gives update on German caravan industry in exclusive interview
Daniel Onggowinarso, MD of the CIVD, gives update on German caravan industry in exclusive interview

Camping Business, another magazine from our publishing house focused on the camping industry, had the pleasure of hosting Daniel Onggowinarso, Managing Director of Germany’s Caravanning Industry Association (CIVD), for a live broadcast to the owners of Italian campsites. This interesting conversation is now also available to Aboutcamp BtoB readers.

In his speech, Daniel Onggowinarso gives an update on market conditions in Germany and his outlook for the future.

He confirmed that despite the pandemic, 2020 was a very strong year for the German caravan industry with growth of more than a third compared to 2019 with over 100,000 new leisure vehicles registered. This included 78,000 new motorhomes on the market, which is an increase of 45 percent, and the second highest figures for the caravans with almost 30.000 units.

He also commented on how the market has developed in Germany over the past 60 years, with caravans being really strong and how by 2007 it changed to more motorhomes being registered in Germany than caravans. In the past three to five years, the growth of the market has been steep – a growth rate that nobody had anticipated.

The results and actions required due to the pandemic in 2020 are discussed in detail and he also looks ahead to 2021. Daniel also provides some interesting insight of the caravan and motorhome segments.

Looking ahead to the future, Daniel discusses the results of some studies the CIVD has undertaken, including the economic impact of caravanning in tourism and the sustainability. He concludes by looking at future customers, issues such as the infrastructure, and economic development, which, once the short-term issues of lockdowns are resolved, should be good for the industry in the longer term.

The video interview can be seen in full at: https://youtu.be/EUHKiD71cbA