8 April 2021
8 April 2021, Comments Comments Off on CyberLandr, the disappearing camper for the Tesla Cybertruck
CyberLandr, the disappearing camper for the Tesla Cybertruck

Stream It, Inc. has announced the CyberLandr, an innovative camper/overlander unit designed for the Tesla Cybertruck. The CyberLandr is fully equipped with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and office, yet disappears entirely within the bed of the Tesla Cybertruck for travelling. The tonneau cover and tailgate to close can still be closed, creating an exceptionally low center of gravity, zero aerodynamic drag, and minimal effect on the Tesla’s range.

Because CyberLandr fits in normal parking spaces and doesn’t obstruct outward visibility, it can taken to more places than most other campers — including urban adventures like soccer tournaments and league games to keep snacks cold in the fridge, have a place to relax between games, provide a restroom for the team and take a hot shower.

With the included StarLink dish providing Internet access (subscription required), users can stream HD movies to the 32-inch SmartTV/monitor, play video games, participate in a Zoom conference, and even make and receive mobile phone calls using WiFi Calling from just about anywhere (except Antarctica). The CyberLandr’s plush, freestanding chairs also recline and transform into an RV-size queen bed.

It is also possible to remove and store the CyberLandr in order to utilise the storage and carrying capacity of the Cybertruck.

CyberLandr’s aesthetics, features, and accompanying app are all designed to complement and enhance the Tesla Cybertruck experience. For example, the CyberLandr’s marble-look porcelain kitchen countertop mirrors the Cybertruck’s dashboard. And just like the Cybertruck, CyberLandr has voice activated automation to control features like lights, its electrochromic dimming windows, and even the taps. The app can also be used to deploy and stow CyberLandr, and to view the 360-degree surround surveillance system. CyberLandr even supports OTA (over-the-air) updates so it continues to improve over time.

A recirculating shower avoids running out of hot water if taking a longer shower. Radiant heated floors keep the interior comfortable when it gets cold, and the dry flush toilet means there is never a black-water tank or cassette to empty, clean, or smell. And because the CyberLandr is all electric, you never need to run around town to buy propane, gas, or diesel fuel – a simple charge is all it takes. And 500 Watts of included solar panels help replenish the Cybertruck’s batteries.

An on-board four-stage water filtration system with UV sterilization ensures the water always tastes great regardless of the source, and the fresh water can be replenished when boondocking using clear water from a stream or lake.

People yearn for adventure and exploration. It invigorates, renews souls, dispels depression, and provides a new outlook on life. That is why people like to travel and experience new places. But even when air travel is no longer restricted due to a pandemic, having a vacation dictated by flight schedules, hotel check-in and check-out times, and car rental return deadlines can take a lot of joy out of travel. With CyberLandr, people are free to roam around the Earth on a whim.

Stream It, Inc. says the CyberLandr is here to usher in the post-SUV era of the eco-friendly adventure vehicle so people can enjoy more of the nature they love while treading more lightly upon it.

More details: http://www.cyberlandr.com