12 August 2015
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Cool and amazing RV!

EleMMent Palazzo: don’t call it camper!

It is somewhat reductive to call it camper, because this extra-luxury vehicle is the best you can ever expect from the world production. Perhaps we could use the american term “motorhome”, but still it would be inappropriate because this is a real home on wheels. Equipped with every comfort, it can compete with a downtown penthouse, except for the fact that the view outside the windows may vary at your will. Almost 15 meters long, the EleMMent Palazzo features an interior which is a true concentrate of pure luxury consisting in precious fabrics, kingsize beds, upholstered sofas, mega tv screens, fully equipped kitchens comparable to those of a 5 Michelin-starred restaurant. The same utmost care for details and accuracy characterise the driver’s cabin that houses two leather upholstered armchairs and all the comforts needed to drive this mega camper.

Mo. Tel Caravan: a hotel room on wheels

The Mo.Tel concept is the acronym for MObilehoTEL. Besides showing a very appealing design with a touch of retro ‘ 50s, this caravan is very functional and optimizes any available free space. The electronic operated pop-up roof allows you to create an additional space for a double bed. Similarly, the rear panel folds down making a mini terrace, which can be used both as an inside or outside space. The project bears the Rob Millington’s signature. Millington said that he wanted to design something that would add a little spark to attract new caravaning amateurs, like a hotel room on wheels, something that gives the immediate feel of a luxury yacht quality.

Colim: three in one

Colim combines all the advantages of a camper, a caravan and a small car, respectively. Designed by the designer Christian Susana, we could define it as a flexible camper-caravan, designed to accomodate up to 4 people. The cockpit can be detatched from the home space, allowing you to enjoy a tour in full immersion with nature, traveling smaller roads thanks to the small “detatchable car ” and arriving in places otherwise unreachable by larger vehicles such as campers. And all this while enjoying the luxury comfort of a caravan that, as in the case of Colim, becomes part of the cockpit, thus turning into a true camper.

Sidney Opera House: beauty and creativity

It is hard to define the Sidney Opera House as a simple tent truck. The minimalist design it shows when it is closed, turns into something fancy, when the sail tent expands and the roof creates a rear bridge. As with a real sailing boat, everything is built according to high standards. Equipped with two single beds that can become a double bed, it features an equipment that can rival any other caravan. The bathroom, for example, is made of ceramic and is equipped with a boiler for hot water, while the kitchen features a refrigerator and LED lighting. The latter is modular, ie it can be moved to the outside, while the beds can become comfortable armchairs.

CARAVAN PARK: a mobile green space

Often in large cities green spaces are missing, places where people can feel at a comfortable distance from cement and cars and where they can talk. A very innovative solution, arrives from the Kevin van Braak’s pencil, who introduces his “portable” park, i.e. a caravan where the walls unfold info a flowered lawn. A true corner of paradise, where you will find silk-made wildflowers, a soft turf, a sound system reproducing bird song and a barbeque. Everything is included in that ‘shell’ called caravan that towed, if necessary, opens up, even in the square below your home, to recreate a green space anywhere you want to.

Mehrzeller: form and substance

Mehrzeller, the pure white-colored multicellular caravan, certainly cannot go unnoticed for its outer design. The same shade of color wraps around the interior’s furniture, whose layout is exquisitely rational. You can access to the vehicle’s inner part through the rear entrance and this feature allowed the creation of a wide kitchen area and a very comfortable living. The only two color exceptions are the floor and the living table. The project, however, was designed with the aim to let the end customer customize it at his will, with the utmost freedom of choice, even before using the caravan.

GMC PAD: a loft that follows your travels

Especially created for the California Design Challenge, GMC PAD is a mobile urban loft that can be inhabited wherever you want to park it: maybe under your office windows to avoid commuting between home and work. It is a higly technological camper with a very generous size. The inner walls are covered with giant LCD screens, while in the front part you find the “spa” flanked by the fully equipped kitchen area, complete with appliances. From an energy point of view, a fully computerized resource management system allows you to use fuel or drinking water up to the last drop, while the 6 square meters photovoltaic panels provide an excellent autonomy.

ROMOTOW: how to avoid problems related to the veranda installation

The Romotow outer design somehow reminds of some caravans of the 70s: large, curved windows and extremely clean lines. However, when you detatch the vehicle, you will understand all its genius and innovation. By rotating the inner part of the caravan, “the soul”, you will obtain the same outer shape, which becomes the veranda. Yes, not only you will no longer need stakes, posts to install the outside veranda but you will not have to worry that the wind could tear it away. In this manner, living spaces increase of 70 % and you can create two neatly separated areas while the caravan maintains its full functionality.

Open House by Yanko Design: a spaceship-house on four wheels

The Open House project is inspired by John Lautner’s Chemosphere village. The only difference is that the John’s version was still, while in this case the peculiarity lies in the fact of being a caravan. The special feature of this home on wheels, consists in offering an maxi space divided into different rooms: bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen and even the office, are the separate areas that can be obtained by fanning out the structure to a 252° radius. In fact the whole configuration results from the movable walls as well as from the floor of each unit, that run on sliding rails. The pictures shows exactly the colors that identify each room. The trailer lightness makes it easily towable also by mid-sized vehicles.