14 July 2020
14 July 2020, Comments Comments Off on Concorde and PhoeniX motorhomes to host an exclusive new ‘Luxury Motorhome Days’ event
Concorde and PhoeniX motorhomes to host an exclusive new 'Luxury Motorhome Days' event

The Concorde and PhoeniX motorhome brands are collaborating to host an exclusive new ‘Luxury Motorhome Days’ event from 7 to 14 September 2020 in Aschbach, Germany.

There will be approximately 150 new and used luxury motorhomes on display, including the latest model introductions from Concorde and PhoeniX. The used models on show will be a maximum of five years old. This will be an outdoors exhibition with a limit of 500 VIP visitors per day.

In order to comply with the hygiene rules, visitors have to register in advance, online, to enter the event with their personalized VIP ticket on the specific day.

The Luxury Motorhomes Day event will be open from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm each day from 7 to 14 September 2020. Catering is provided during the visiting hours. There is no entertainment after 6 pm.

The dates for this event have been chosen to coincide with a production shutdown that is required by local production/labour laws. This also means there will be the maximum amount of space available for the exhibition while the employee car park is not being used, with plenty of parking available for visitor’s vehicles or motorhomes. There is no electric supply available for visitors while parked at the event, and they are required to leave the temporary parking spaces after their visit, so the spaces are available in the evening for the visitors coming the next day.

The “Luxury Motorhome Days” is a sales event. All Concorde and PhoeniX trading partners are being given the opportunity to be represented in Aschbach.

Registration for the Luxury Motorhome Days event will be available online from the end of July 2020 at: www.lmd-aschbach.de.