20 October 2020
20 October 2020, Comments Comments Off on CMT 2021 cancelled
CMT 2021 cancelled

BREAKING NEWS: The CMT 2021 holiday and travel exhibition, due to take place in Stuttgart, Germany in January 2021, has been cancelled because it could not assure exhibitors that the show would not have to be cancelled at the last minute.

Making the announcement, Guido von Vacano, member of the management team at Messe Stuttgart said: “We didn’t make this decision easily. In the past weeks and months we have received a lot of encouragement and support from all exhibitors and partners, and the number of registrations was excellent. Despite an approved safety and hygiene concept and the tireless efforts of all colleagues, the world’s largest public exhibition for tourism and leisure is, unfortunately, not taking place. “

The reasons for the cancellation decision were, ultimately, the number of infections and the developments surrounding the corona pandemic in the Baden-Württemberg area in the past few days.

“Due to the extremely dynamic and unpredictable developments of the corona pandemic, we have now decided to take this difficult step for everyone involved, ”said von Vacano.

“We deeply regret the cancellation. We would have liked to offer the tourism industry this urgently needed platform, and also to promote the topic of caravanning that is receiving so much attention at the moment. A big thank you to all exhibitors and partners who had placed their trust in us! ”Said von Vacano.

In the mean time, a CMT summer concept is being developed that could be a home for the tourism and caravanning industry on the Stuttgart exhibition center in spring or summer 2021.

In addition, the Touristik & Caravaning in Leipzig (November 18-22, 2020), also organized by Messe Stuttgart, has had to be cancelled.