22 March 2023
22 March 2023, Comments Comments Off on CIVD update on EU Commission B-licence policy
CIVD update on EU Commission B-licence policy

For several years, the caravaning industry has been campaigning for the expansion of the B-licence policy #Führerscheins to 4.25 tonnes. The European Caravan Federation (ECF) is actively involved in the deliberations of the EU commission and is an important point of contact for decision-makers in Brussels. The concerns of the caravanning industry are therefore heard at EU level.

On 1 March, the EU Commission published its draft for the 4th driving licence policy #Führerscheinrichtlinie. The draft also takes up the extension of the B driving licence, but limits this to vehicles with alternative drives. From the point of view of the caravanning industry, the CIVD has the view that this restriction is not expedient and must be revised, because the existing fleet must be urgently considered and the expansion to 4.25 tons for all vehicles must be possible.

The most important cornerstones of the policy can be found on the CIVD website: https://lnkd.in/erTV3jcv