16 April 2024
16 April 2024, Comments Comments Off on CIVD reports new record for RV registrations in Germany in first quarter of 2024
CIVD reports new record for RV registrations in Germany in first quarter of 2024

The German caravanning industry association, CIVD, has reported that new motor caravan registrations reached an all-time high of 19,805 units (+7.2 per cent) in the first quarter. New caravan registrations fell by around 260 units and, with a total of 5,030 new registrations, were below the previous year’s level. The continued enthusiasm for caravanning in Germany and Europe and the improved availability of vehicles make the industry optimistic for the rest of the year.

The good start to the year included large numbers of visitors at caravanning trade fairs, high demand for rental vehicles and the overall positive new registration figures show that caravanning is still very popular with German holidaymakers: Between January and March, a total of 24,835 leisure vehicles were newly registered in Germany, which corresponds to an increase of around 4.5 per cent compared to the same period last year.

With 19,805 new registrations (+7.2 per cent), the motor caravan segment achieved a new record for the first quarter of the year and recorded rising demand for both compact and larger motor caravan models.
In addition to the high level of buyer interest, the improved availability of vehicles is also contributing to the positive development of the sector. In particular, the shortage of vehicle chassis for semi-integrated and fully integrated motor caravans had significantly impaired the production and delivery of larger vehicle models in recent years. Production conditions have improved again for the first time in the last twelve months, which has led to increased availability and a wider range of new vehicles available from dealers.

Despite an increase in new registrations in February, the caravan segment recorded an overall decline in the first quarter: 5,030 new caravans were registered between January and March, which corresponds to a drop of 4.9 per cent compared to the previous year. The vehicle segment, which is particularly popular with families, is feeling the effects of the ongoing reluctance to buy among potential customers at the beginning of the year.

In view of current developments, CIVD Managing Director Daniel Onggowinarso is generally optimistic about the coming months: “The prospects for a successful caravanning year in 2024 are good. Although the political framework conditions continue to pose a challenge for the German economy and are also putting a strain on our industry and the trade, most manufacturers are at least able to produce and deliver vehicles with a certain degree of reliability again. This benefits customers, as the dealerships are well stocked in time for the start of the season. Another positive indicator for the industry is the continuing demand for our form of travelling. This development comes as no surprise, as the crises of recent years have impressively shown that the benefits of mobile holidays, such as freedom and individuality, are becoming increasingly important to people in their leisure activities.”