26 June 2021
26 June 2021, Comments Comments Off on CIVD co-develops new “Caravan and Motor Caravan Technology” training specialism
CIVD co-develops new "Caravan and Motor Caravan Technology" training specialism

Hailed as a milestone for caravanning industry, the ZKF (German Association of Car Body Technology) and the caravanning industry association CIVD will develop a third specialisation in the training occupation “Car Body and Vehicle Construction Mechanic” called “Caravan and Motor Caravan Technology” to meet the growing demands and the increased need for qualified personnel in the industry. The caravanning sector will thus have its first training occupation specifically tailored to it.

Caravanning as a form of holidaying has been a strong trend for years. In 2021, more than 100,000 motor caravans and caravans were newly registered in Germany for the first time. In total, the Federal Motor Transport Authority keeps 1.3 million leisure vehicles on its register.

Due to the rapid increase of around 30 percent in the past five years, the demand for skilled workers in the caravanning industry has also risen. There is a shortage of qualified personnel both in production and in the workshops. The ZKF | German Association of Car Body Technology and the caravanning industry association
CIVD want to meet this challenge with a reorganized training occupation and a new specialisation.

ZKF General Manager Thomas Aukamm and CIVD Managing Director Daniel Onggowinarso pointed out that a joint training regulation will be drafted soon, which will be based on a dual legal foundation. The companies of the two associations will thus have the opportunity to be active in both craft and industrial training.

Daniel Onggowinarso emphasises the good cooperation between the two associations in the context of vocational education and sees the third specialisation as an enrichment and great opportunity for both industries: “The creation of a separate specialisation takes into account the growth and change in the caravanning industry. Not only is the technology of the vehicles becoming more and more complex, but our customers are also becoming more demanding in terms of services. The need for skilled workers is increasing accordingly. We assume that around 300 apprentices will be needed by manufacturers as well as dealerships and workshops every year”.

The reorganisation in the training occupation “Car Body and Vehicle Construction Mechanic” with the new specialisation is intended to meet the special requirements for skilled workers in the caravanning industry. Unlike in the car or truck sector, the production, repair and maintenance of a motor caravan or caravan also requires knowledge of sanitary installations and liquid gas, for example. In addition, materials such as wood and GRP are used in the living quarters of leisure vehicles, which the classic car mechanic is rather untrained to handle.

Tim Rüttgers (Technology and Environment Officer at the CIVD), Daniel Onggowinarso (CIVD Managing Director), Thomas Aukamm (ZKF Managing Director), Robert Ziegler (Head of the Vocational Training and Junior Staff Development Department at ZKF).

“The new specialisation “Caravan and Motor Caravan Technology” is a milestone for us and makes an important contribution to making the caravanning industry fit for the future,” says Onggowinarso.

Thomas Aukamm was convinced that “together we will position ourselves even better in the future and thus become more attractive for young people”. Coping with new challenges will only succeed if associations work together, recognise synergies and use them. New technical developments, such as the increasing digitalisation of vehicles and
strongly changing mobility concepts, ensure that the job profile will also change even more. In addition, there were a permanent, omnipresent shortage of skilled workers. “These dramatic changes can be better managed together in the form of a common specialisation of the training profession,” says Aukamm. In order to expand this cooperation even further in the future, a lively exchange of knowledge between the two associations is being sought. This is documented by the signing of a “Letter of Intent” between the two associations on the joint development of this new occupational profile.

The ZKF in Friedberg (Hesse) is the professional and trade association for companies in the car body and vehicle construction technology with 3,200 companies, approx. 43,000 employees and approx. 4,000 trainees. Further information at www.zkf.de and www.caravan-fachbetrieb.de.