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Citroën is part of the Groupe PSA, second largest car maker, leader of the LCV market and second largest OEM supplier of the motorhome market in Europe. The basis vehicles are the Citroën SpaceTourer and the Citroën Jumper, which all propose Euro 6 PSA engines with the latest SCR AdBlue technology. The main advantages of the Citroën chassis and vans are the comfort, the silence and the low fuel / CO2 consumption. The main camper and motorhome makers which have selected Citroën are the Pössl Group (Pössl, Clever, Campster), the Erwin Hymer Group (Bürstner, Dethleffs, Sunlight, Carado, Etrusco), the Trigano Group (Adria), the Rapido Group (PLA, Giottiline, Itineo, Wildax), Hobby …


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