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Cinderella Eco Group AS is a family-owned company located on the island of Midsund in the municipality of Molde, north western Norway. With our 60 employees, Cinderella Eco Group AS has almost 25 years of experience in incineration toilet manufacturing, sales and aftermarket. We provide an ecological, water-free, total solution for waste handling with no environmental footprint, free of all harmful bacteria and risks of spreading disease.

Cinderella designs and manufactures all toilets from our factory in Norway, proudly proclaiming that our products are made in Norway. In addition to our Norwegian market, Cinderella Eco Group has established subsidiaries for sales and distribution in Australia, Europe, North America and Sweden with products for leisure home owners, recreational vehicles and the professional markets, among them fish-feeding platforms in Scotland, crane manufacturers / crane cabins, railroad companies, mining, building and construction.

In addition, Cinderella works on providing sanitation to challenged geographical areas such as Greenland where permafrost hinders sewage infrastructure; Sustainable sanitation solutions for Hawaii where cesspools leak up to 53 million gallons of waste a day; installations in children’s villages in Kenya where access to water is at a premium and must be reserved for hygiene, drink and agriculture. Solutions for emergency relief are also available.

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Cinderella Eco Group
Sjøvikvegen 67
6475 Midsund
Ph.: +47 77 71 15 00
Email: post@cinderellaeco.no
Web: www.cinderellaeco.com