8 March 2022
8 March 2022, Comments Comments Off on Chris Mahoney celebrates 10 years of achievements at Go RVing Canada
Chris Mahoney celebrates 10 years of achievements at Go RVing Canada

The President of Go RVing Canada, Chris Mahoney, has taken the opportunity of his 10th anniversary in the role to make a LinkedIn post commenting on the significant changes he has seen in the RV industry and its marketing activities during this period, and thanking everyone who has worked hard to make this happen.

In his LinkedIn post, Chris Mahoney noted that Go RVing Canada started with two agencies, a Board of six people, a website with roughly 200k visits per year, a DVD outreach programme for lead generation and a staff of just one person.

“The association setup in 1997 has always, in my mind, been one of the most well-conceived marketing ideas – not a product, but a lifestyle for Canadians,” said Chris Mahoney.

Today, the association has a team of 20 to 30 people, four full-time staff, a Board of 10 people, and over 10 times the number of visitors to GoRVing.ca.

The Go RVing brand is now well recognized across Canada and has a vibrant online community that supports and encourages Canadians to join the RV lifestyle.  

“The way we market of course has evolved, from the advent of social media (to almost its decline in some ways), the notion of micro-targeting, CPC, CPM and bounce rates. All of this has come to pass in the past decade, thus giving us tools to help garner the attention of our prospective audiences and try, just try to help drive traffic the right way down the proverbial funnel,” added Chris Mahoney.