29 May 2019
29 May 2019, Comments Comments Off on China’s All in CARAVANNING exhibition expects to set more new records
China's All in CARAVANNING exhibition expects to set more new records

As a result of the continuing growth of the camping and caravanning sector in China, its leading trade fair for campervans and caravans, ‘All In CARAVANNING’ (AIC) which takes place in Beijing from 14 to 16 June 2019, will have an increased number of exhibitors and space, and also expects to attract a record number of visitors.

This is the eighth year that All in CARAVANNING has been held at the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Centre in Beijing, and it will be its biggest with an expansion of the exhibition space to around 37,000 square metres (compared to around 5,000 square metres for the first AIC).

Numerous well-known Chinese and international brands will be presented by over 700 exhibitors in the exhibition halls and the outdoor exhibition space (compared to 53 exhibitors at the first AIC in 2012). The focus will be on caravans, campervans, base vehicles, technical equipment, accessories, campsites, outdoor leisure facilities, camping equipment and tourism. 

“We are very pleased about the development of All in CARAVANING, which shows the rising interest in this type of holiday among the Chinese population. Our trade fair strategy puts us in an excellent position, and we are therefore full of optimism about the forthcoming AIC. Moreover, as there have been ongoing improvements to China’s infrastructure, we believe that the Chinese caravaning market has amazing potential,” emphasises Stefan Koschke, Global Head of Caravaning & Outdoor.

Visitors will be able to view around 400 recreational vehicles in all shapes and sizes – from compact pickup trucks through campervans and luxury vehicles to mini caravans. Various major international brands in campervans, caravans and accessories want to use All in CARAVANING to present their latest models, technologies and products to corporate buyers and end customers (for comparison: the first AIC in 2012 had 53 exhibitors).

AIC has also developed into a meeting point for specialists from the caravaning and tourism industries, helping to foster a national and international exchange of experience, particularly through its high-quality presentations. Last year’s record number of visitors is expected to be exceeded again, going beyond the 25,000 mark of interested Caravaning fans. 

“Companies can only survive in the Chinese market if they help the country to make progress in its economy and technology and if they anticipate and pick up trends. And so our trade fair has come to play a leading role as a platform for communication and presentation,” says Axel Bartkus, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Despite the slight weakening of China’s economy right now, it continues to be a top market, as there is still a substantial demand for high-quality capital goods 
as well as an appreciation of excellent consumer goods. 

AIC is providing a wide range of activities for the entire family. Visitors can look forward to a great programme with plenty of hands-on activities, as well as fun, games and lots of must-see ideas.

“All in CARAVANING has developed into the most important platform for this way of spending your holiday and leisure time – something which is still relatively new in China. This is why we want to use the experience and expertise we have acquired as organisers of CARAVAN SALON and help companies in the recreational vehicle industry in growth regions. Working with our partners, we have adapted this exciting trade fair theme to Chinese requirements and expectations,” says Koschke.

This is the first year that the AIC will feature two special thematic areas that met with an outstanding response in Düsseldorf: the Dream Tour Cinema and the Starters’ World. Another new element will be the AIC School, where visitors can find out more about caravaning culture and the technical operation of vehicles and accessories.

All in CARAVANING benefits from Messe Düsseldorf’s wide-ranging industry knowledge and experience. It has had its own Chinese subsidiary since 1999, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongqing and Shenyang. Messe Düsseldorf Shanghai (MDS) has two major functions: first, to make Düsseldorf events known in the People’s Republic of China and to support exhibitors and visitors, and, secondly, to work with Chinese and international partners on the successful development and realisation of trade fairs in China.

In preparing for AIC in Beijing, Messe Düsseldorf uses its extensive expertise which has gained through CARAVAN SALON DÜSSELDORF. This is Europe’s leading international ten-day fair on campervans and caravans offers a comprehensive overview of such vehicles as well as a complete range of accessories, equipment, travel destinations, campsites and motorhomes sites. Last year the trade fair reached a new record, attracting 250,000 visitors.