10 July 2019
10 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on China’s ‘All in CARAVANING 2019’ exhibition broke new records
China's 'All in CARAVANING 2019' exhibition broke new records

The 8th ‘All in CARAVANING’ (AIC) show in Beijing, China set new records for the number of visitors (24,008) and sales, with over 200 brands from 22 countries exhibiting.

The indoor and outdoor exhibition areas totaled 37,000 square meters, with more than 200 brands from 22 countries and regions, 48% of which were international exhibitors.

The three-day exhibition attracted 24,008 visitors from Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Region, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, India, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and other countries/regions, an increase of 8.18 percent over the previous edition.

About 500 RVs of varying grades and brands were showed onsite, demonstrating a booming Chinese market. The newly opened “AIC Dometic Caravaner Parking Area” has more than 40 vehicles.

“When All in CARAVANING started here in China in 2012, this was a very new topic, not known to many people here, but meanwhile caravaning is becoming more and more popular, and we are sure that alongside the show it will grow and have a very bright future here,” said Mr Wolfram Diener during his first visit to AIC as the Operative Managing Director of the Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

AIC launched its Buyer Program this year, and attracted a total of nearly 1,000 buyers through co-operations with professional media outlets and extensive targeted advertising. As a result, buyers all showed clear intention to place orders and complete deals onsite. At the same time, organization of visitor delegations developed further to a total of 500 people based on last year. AIC continues to work with well-known enterprises to bring potential customers who have purchasing power and interest in caravanning to the event for first-hand experiences.

A highlight of AIC were the launching ceremonies for new RV models at the event. Exhibitors all made great efforts to host press conferences, new product launch events or strategic partnership events with dazzling ideas, to draw the attention of visitors.

A dazzling array of new models triggered “a buying spree” among visitors. Signing of orders started on the first day, and many prototypes were sold, with considerable potential orders still to follow.

Most exhibitors reported outstanding sales results. The organizer’s promotional campaign of offering Dometic Electric Cool Boxes as free gifts to caravan buyers was well received, as all the gifts were given away in merely one hour after opening each day.

On June 15th and 16th, professional conferences took place at the Convention Center to enhance international exchanges and sharing of industry experiences.

AIC distinguishes itself from other caravan exhibitions with its international coverage. The 1st Asian RV Conference, Sino-German Dealer Workshop, Sino-German Guided Camping Experience Exchange Meeting all invited experts from Germany and Japan to engage in direct dialogues. Several important conferences by major industry associations also took place, covering topics of caravan, camping, outdoor activities and tourism. The number of participants reached more than 800.

Through cooperation with ticketing agencies and parent-child organizations, approximately 3,000 families have come to AIC this year, making the “AIC Kids Club” and “AIC Outdoor Club” the liveliest areas on the spot. These young families with children were highly interested in caravan trips, and AIC has become the starting point for them to get in contact and experience the lifestyle of caravan travels.

The conventional AIC Forum zone also gathered huge popularity. The outstanding activities have always maintained a full house. A total of 800 people took part in the activities throughout the three days. One of the most popular events was the “AIC Dream Tour” by top caravanning travellers Kostya Abert (Germany) and Mr. Zhang Guangzhi (China). Their fascinating recount of caravan trips drew the visitors in with magnificent scenery and interesting anecdotes. At the “AIC Starter World”, Mr. MA Chi, RV expert and Mr. Cui, caravan travel blogger made an impressive appearance that was greatly welcomed by the visitors. Participants were actively engaged in Q&A and interaction during the event for sharing of valuable information.

“AIC’s eighth edition has achieved wonderful results, successfully fulfilled and even surpassed our expectations. The Chinese caravanning and camping industry is forging ahead with increasing market demand and tremendous potentials. I believe that AIC is ready to meet the challenges of the next eight years. Under the support of all partners, the mother show Caravan Salon, and various international associations, it is bound to become the No.1 trade fair in caravaning and camping industry in Asia,” explained Mr. Marius Berlemann confidently, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

AIC 2020 will be held at the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing) next June. Find out more at www.aicshow.com.