CBE develops customised solutions for all aspects of on-board electrical systems, from control panels to distribution boards, from chargers to sensors, sockets, switches and even complete vehicle wirings. It is part of the AL-KO Vehicle Techonolgy Group.
Via Vienna, 4 – z.i. Spini - 38121 Trento - Italy

Leisure Telematics
Leisure Telematics offers telemetry and custom development of industrial hardware and software. It developped CaraControl, a smart application which controls the latest automotive telemetry hardware, security and low energy wireless technologies.
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inomatic GmbH
inomatic GmbH is a specialist for electronics in vehicles, automation engineering and industrial applications from the initial idea to serial production. It is experienced partner for innovative electronic solutions in the field of automotive and industrial electronics.
Karl Braun Straße 12 - 48531 Nordhorn - Germany
Nordelettronica Srl
NORDELETTRONICA is a leading company in the European market of electronics appliances (Control Panel and Battery Charger, Lighting, Harness ) and wound components (switching transformers and input power transformers) for RVs. It is part of the Al-KO Vehicle Technology Group.
Viale delle INDUSTRIE, 6/a - 31018 ALBINA di GAIARINE (TV) - Italy
Steverlyncklaan 15 - BE-8900 Ieper - Belgium