Decor In Printing srl
Decor In Printing for 60 years dresses the furniture with high quality printed and impregnated decorative papers. Decor In Printing aims to realize the ideas of its customers in order to meet the needs of interior designers and architects to “dress up” new and innovative designs. The creativity of the “digir&s” department and high technology translates into proposals appreciated by architects and interior designers, solutions from the extraordinary aesthetic effect designed and engineered to differentiate the offer.
Via Bergamo, 55 - 24042 Capriate San Gervasio BG - Italy

Filippi 1971
Filippi 1971 supply laminated lightweight panels to be used in RV and mobil homes and it has a production line using the digital printing for the personalized panels decoration. In addition it produces laminated panels that combine an innovative tactile experience with high resistance to wear, abrasion, light and scratches.
Via N. Sauro, 2 - 24030 Berbenno BG - Italy

Maller Company was founded in 1973 by Erasmo Mallozzi and operates in the field of ennobled plywood panels for the industry of holiday homes and in the field of semi-finished products for the furniture industry.
Via 1° Maggio 85 - San Polo di Torrile (Parma) - Italy

Tecnoform S.p.A
Tecnoform produces exclusive, high-quality furniture for caravan and camper with innovative materials that allow reducing the weight. Materials, construction methods, design are Tecnoform’s differentiating elements. It produces also doors, tables and tops for kitchens and bathrooms, bulkheads, Ssringers, corner posts and pass tyles.
Via del Lavoro, 2 - 40053 Comune di Valsamoggia BO - Italy

Schattdecor AG
Schattdecor supplies the world’s leading wood-based material- and furniture-industries for 35 years with printed decorative paper, melamine films and finish foils. Schattdecor has developed from a simple decor printing company to an innovative surface specialist.
Walter-Schatt-Allee 1-3 - 83101 Thansau, Bayern - Germany
Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG
For three decades, Vöhringer GmbH has been producing interior fittings for caravans and motorhomes. Driven by its own innovations, the company has a unique portfolio of product solutions and know-how: coatings, profiles, furniture elements and PU products from Vöhringer are in great demand worldwide.
In Aufzügen 11 - 72818 Trochtelfingen - Germany
Brivio Compensati
Brivio Compensati produces panels from poplar wood which is strong, lightweight and very workable. 75% of the raw materials used by Brivio Compensati is sourced in Italy, from poplar tree plantations on the Po Plain, not far from the company’s headquarters, while the remaining 25% comes from France.
Via Novara, 258 - 27038 Robbio - Italy
Nobilpan S.p.A
Nobilpan business is on wood finishing techniques making use of a variety of supports and different decorative films. Its production is focuses on furniture sector and products for doors, exhibition stands, interior furnishings for recreational vehicles, mobile homes, ships and boats.
Via Partigiani d’Italia, 8 - 43055 Mezzano Superiore (PR) - Italy
Panguaneta Spa
Production of plywood panels, marine plywood and poplar multilayer with quality certification Panguaneta increasingly higher international rating and marketing performances depend also on an entrepreneurial thought that has never neglected its origin, holding fast to its core business
Via Solazzi, 6-19 - 46018 Sabbioneta (MN) - Italy
Via Pordenone, 47 - 33070 Tamai di Brugnera (PN) - Italy
3A Composites - Airex AG
Industrie Nord 26 - 5643 Sins - Switzerland