Ama Composite
AMA Group includes AMA COMPOSITES which offer a wide range of thermoformed products made with composite material. We offer global design and engineering, creation of models, molds and templates and panels made by: LWRT technology of direct automotive derivation, vacuum thermoforming, GRP / GRIT and RTM.
Via della Repubblica, 7 - 41011 Campogalliano – MO - Italy

Castagnari is a family run company where the production of methacrylate and polystyrene, using hot forming techniques from sheets, results in a variety of products for motorhomes, including shower doors, mirrors with integrated lighting and sink tubs, to which are added various decorative finishing elements
Via Risorgimento, 77 - 62019 Recanati (MC) - Italy
Lamicolor SPA
Lamicolor is an Italian manufacturer specializing in the production of laminates used in particular for furnishings (kitchen counters and table tops) to leading European and Australian recreational vehicle manufacturers. The company’s benchmark product is Lamco HPL, created using a high pressure, high temperature pressing process.
Via Roma, 23 - 12030 Caramagna Piemonte (CN) - Italy
LAPIPLAST operates in the field of plastic components using the specific technique of VACUUM HEATFORMING, a process applicable to many plastic materials, including polystyrene, abs, methylacrylic, polycarbonate.
Via 1º Maggio, 32 - 42021 Barco di Bibbiano – RE - Italy
Behind the Soltherm brand there are over 45 years of history of two italian plastic producers, Solera Materie Plastiche Srl and Themoform SpA, who merged together during 2009. Soltherm brand identifies today a modern leading producer of high quality plastic moulded parts.
Via Cavalieri di Malta, 6 - 35038 Torreglia PD - Italy
Topform Ltd.,
Tubber Road - Gort, Co. Galway - Ireland