21 August 2023
21 August 2023, Comments Comments Off on Caravan Salon preview: the new Carthago c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE
Caravan Salon preview: the new Carthago c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE

The new Carthago c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE is available as a Low-profile or A-Class motorhome on two different basic vehicles, and also optionally available as an A-Class vehicle in the “superior” model line.

Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis are available for both the Low-profile and A-Class models. Carthago has enhanced both of them with an AL-KO low frame chassis with a wide wheelbase rear axle, which are the prerequisites for the large double floor, excellent driving characteristics and a light weight.
Two different engines are available in each case: 103 kW (140 HP) and 132 kW (180 HP) for the Ducato, and 110 kW (150 HP) and 125 kW (170 HP) for the Sprinter. Customers can choose between a six-gear manual gearbox or a comfortable nine-gear automatic transmission for each of these four variants. The new c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE is also available with a permissible gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, meaning that it can be driven with a standard driver’s licence.

Depending on the version and the basic vehicle, the length of the new c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE ranges from just 7.00 to 7.18 metres. This makes the new model about 30 to 50 centimetres more compact than comparable motorhomes. This makes handling easier and reduces the weight: Optionally manufactured on the Fiat Ducato or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and enhanced with an AL-KO low frame chassis, the models are also available with a 3.5 tonne permissible gross weight, meaning that they can be driven with a standard driver’s licence.

The newly designed dynamic designer rear with curved corner pillars and striking rear lights with the typical unique C-branding radiates power. It heralds a new era for the Carthago c-tourer. The new rear design provides more than just visual advantages – the interior length has increased by five centimetres.


The sleeping area impresses with two large lengthways single beds, which are up to two metres in length. The beds are easy to access thanks to optional, pull-out access steps, and can be converted into a single luxurious sleeping area using an extension if required. Both beds have divided mattresses and slats. The wardrobes beneath them are easy to access from above and the front using a lift function and a hinged door. All-round overhead storage cabinets and open corner shelving can be used to store linen and small items.
The A-Class motorhomes also have the standard drop-down bed above the cockpit.

The shower cabinet is located in front of the sleeping area, on the left in the direction of travel, and on the right there is the combined bathroom and toilet room. Both can be combined into a spacious luxury bathroom. Thanks to an intelligent flap system, the Carthago changing room which is typical of the brand is created here. A solid wooden sliding door can optionally be used to separate the luxury bathroom and changing room from the sleeping area.

The comfort corner kitchen provides plenty of storage space, a three ring hob with divided glass cover and a stainless steel round sink. A raised kitchen worktop with an additional work surface separates the kitchen from the lounge seating area. The Slimtower fridge with a volume of 133 litres and a door that opens at both sides at convenient hand height can be found opposite.

Typical of Carthortable L-shaped lounge seating area in the front with an additional side seat. The previously optional “Casablanca” world of style is now standard for the new c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE, and has undergone further development for this purpose. From the moment you enter the motorhome, the new backlit panel in “anthracite black” immediately catches the eye. This stylistic feature can also be found on the wall between the kitchen and shower room, and as a panel in front of the control panel above the entrance door. The wall to the bathroom now comes with vertical, chrome-plated inlays.

The huge, 32-inch flat screen TV mounted on its end on the left in the entrance is particularly eye-catching. It can be extended inwards and rotated by 90 degrees into a horizontal position for complete film and TV enjoyment.

The new Carthago c-tourer T/I 145 RB LE has taken over some other practical features from its sibling models. For example, these include the continuous one-level floor in the living area, the swivel-out shoe cabinet in the plinth of the seat bench, the accent lighting in the footwell area, the table which is easy to move using a pedal, the optional capsule coffee maker and the seven-zone quality cold foam mattress in the sleeping area.