17 August 2023
17 August 2023, Comments Comments Off on Caravan Salon preview: Hymer presents the new Eriba Touring Colour Editions
Caravan Salon preview: Hymer presents the new Eriba Touring Colour Editions

The Eriba Touring cult caravan range has a new design: the traditional model with its characteristic, aerodynamic body shape, which has been in production since 1957, is now available in a choice of three bright colours. The “Nugget Gold”, “Tango Red“ and “Harbour Blue“ special editions combine the popular retro look of the vehicle with a modern twist – true to the Eriba slogan “Anything but ordinary”. The bright side walls, front and rear of the caravans create a fresh and elegant exterior, which is complemented by stainless steel bumpers, alloy rims and a chrome package as standard. Two new, spacious layouts, the 630 and 642, are also being added to the Touring range, which are perfect for families thanks to the abundance of storage space as well as up to five berths – with the optional pop-top roof. To ensure that the needs of all the cult caravan’s fans are met, the new colour special editions are available for every layout, from the compact Eriba Touring 310 to the spacious Touring 642.

The colourful look of the new Touring caravans is also continued inside the vehicles: each of the three designs is complemented by a colour-coordinated interior. The „Memphis“ furniture finish featuring warm yellow tones is combined with the colour- coordinated “Nugget Gold” special edition, the red accents of the “Tulsa“ furniture finish also transport the elegant look of the “Tango Red“ edition into the interior of the vehicle, while the “Orlando“ furniture finish perfectly complements the fresh design of the “Harbour Blue“ edition. Colour-coordinated accessories, such as an awning, towels, blankets, cushions and toiletry bags, make the caravans appear even cosier and more homely. The “Tindari“ furniture finish range with its modern wood finish featuring a fine grain, the atmospheric interior lighting with indirect light above the overhead lockers and two multifunctional, battery-powered lights also contribute towards the cosy ambience.

Two new layouts are also being added to the Eriba Touring range. The Touring 630 and 642 offer the same level of comfort that you would expect from Touring models, plenty of storage space, a generous headroom and a low dead weight, making them the ideal companions for families. The Touring 630 features a transverse bed at the rear measuring 155 x 205 cm, while the 642 has a twin bed measuring 200/210 x 205 cm. The optional pop-top roof, which provides both models with an extra bed measuring 200 x 138 cm, increases the number of berths to five, which means there is room for the whole family. To ensure everyone has everything they need, the new Touring caravans come with a large refrigerator with a capacity of 133 litres.