11 March 2024
11 March 2024, Comments Comments Off on Caravan Industry Association of Australia calls for ‘a fair and balanced approach to EVs’
Caravan Industry Association of Australia calls for 'a fair and balanced approach to EVs'

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia is calling for a ‘fair and balanced approach to electric vehicles’ in relation to the proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standards (NVES) in Australia.

Stuart Lamont, CEO of Caravan Industry Association of Australia, has pointed out that the Australian caravanning industry is just one industry which can be expected to be heavily impacted and a unintended casualty of an aggressive and accelerated move towards a low emission environment.

“We all knew this was coming.  We can certainly argue surprise at some of the hard line targets and timings which have been suggested, and what appears to be a lack of consideration for a range of other technologies which could also assist in better outcomes for the planet – in many cases the infrastructure needed to support electrification of Australia’s new vehicle fleet in the regions and between regional centres simply appears to be insufficient for what is required in the timeframes needed, let alone allowing for other low emission technologies such as hydrogen or bio fuels to be able to be commercially developed in time to meet the Government’s speedy desires,” commented Stuart Lamont. 

“There are already commercial models and technologies being developed within the industry to assist around energy generation, zero carbon footprint, and addressing consumer range anxiety.  It is only hoped that the Government recognises and provides similar levels of subsidies as is available through their preferred technologies which provides for industry’s (such as the caravanning industry) willing to champion a transition into commercially viable future fuel sources.  This will be important to allow the Australian consumer to benefit from the savings hoped to be achieved by the Government on top of the environmental benefits desired, and yet still be supportive of one of Australia’s quintessential and most loved pastimes allowing it to continue to flourish in a new low emission environment,” he concluded.

Full details of Association’s views on this issue have been published here.