26 September 2022
26 September 2022, Comments Comments Off on CAPRON plant celebrates the 100,000th motorhome
CAPRON plant celebrates the 100,000th motorhome

The Erwin Hymer Group’s CAPRON factory in Neustadt, Germany, has produced its 100,000th motorhome for brands Carado and Sunlight.

Back in 2006, the first model ever to roll off the production line was a semi-integrated Carado T135.

As an “employee from the very beginning”, Pierre Freigang was already on board with the production of the first Carado brand vehicle in 2006 and thus symbolizes the continuous further development of the production site. Within the company, he went through many intermediate stages: starting with the assembly of the roof cabinet, his path led to follow-up work and finally to quality assurance, where as team leader he now ensures the consistently high quality of the vehicles. He still vividly remembers entering the large hall of the production plant in Neustadt in awe for the first time. And the feeling when the first T135 rolled off the assembly line: “I was incredibly proud of what we had achieved together. Everyone in the team knew each other, knew who was from where, and how old you were. It was like one big family.”

Over the last 16 years, the CAPRON family kept growing, as did production. The team got to celebrate a new milestone on June 21 at 9 a.m., when the 100,000th RV rolled off assembly line 1 after 450 meters of manufacturing. Like 2006, it was a T135 – this time, however, as a cutting-edge EDITION15.

The 100,000th anniversary vehicle rolled off the production line during a complex phase for CAPRON, in which production is being put to the test by supply chain and energy crises. 

Nevertheless, Daniel Rogalski, Managing Director of CAPRON GmbH and Carado GmbH, looks to the future with confidence and is proud that his company has been continuously producing motorhomes and camper vans for 16 years: “The current global crises put us in a difficult position. Nevertheless, I am confident that we will also master these challenges. We are doing everything we can to keep production at the site stable up to the next milestone and beyond, so that our customers can continue to fulfill their dream of owning their own motorhome.” sums up Rogalski.

In the picture: Pierre Freigang, employee of the first hour and the 100,000 motorhome
prodcued in Neustadt, Saxony.