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CAN, which has been operating in the nautical market for three generations is known for the reliability of its products, the quality of the materials and the capability of comprehending daily nautical life and translating it into concrete and innovative designs. Today, more than ever, the heart and mind of the company are represented by Mauro Bellini, supported by the ever more determined contribution of his sons, Lorenzo and Fabio who, together with their father, place their endless creativity and contagious passion at the service of the company in order to tie the CAN brand closer to the world of stainless steel accessories. In 2009 CAN decided to take on a new challenge, introducing the MOTORHOME/CAMPING sector into its range of products, thereby entering new and stimulating markets. As a result, the Bellini family has enriched and diversified its range of products with its usual care and attention to details always for the sake of quality and consistency.


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Via Nazionale 65,
25080 Puegnago del Garda Brescia
Ph.: 0365 555909
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Web: www.cansrl.com