26 May 2021
26 May 2021, Comments Comments Off on Bürstner Elegance A Class receives German Innovation Award from German Design Council
Bürstner Elegance A Class receives German Innovation Award from German Design Council

The Bürstner Elegance A Class, or integrated, motorhome has been given a German Innovation Award 2021 from the German Design Council.

It features a Mercedes front-wheel-drive and the Bürstner sandwich floor construction plus an innovative sleeping solution in the front area of the vehicle with a newly designed drop-down bed safely attached with straps. The Bürstner Elegance also offers an important innovation in the area of sustainability in form of the resource-saving INDUS® toilet system from Thetford, a standard feature of all Bürstner vehicles.

The premium motorhome Bürstner Elegance has been on the market since 2020. It completes the Bürstner model spectrum at the top of the mid-range price segment. “With the overall concept of the Elegance, we have managed to combine a cosy ambience and ergonomic travel in one vehicle. Our Elegance is designed for a discerning, motorhome experienced and comfort-focused target group,” explains managing director Jens Kromer. “We are delighted to receive this award once again.” Bürstner already won a German Innovation Award 2020 in the “WINNER” category for the Lyseo TD 644, and a “SPECIAL MENTION” award for its “Home Light” that same year.

The German Design Council has awarded the German Innovation Awards since 2018. It honours innovations that make a difference with a focus on solutions, innovative details and services that offer genuine added value. An independent, interdisciplinary jury of business and finance industry experts, the research community and institutions, judges the products. The jury selects one “Gold” and up to ten “Winner” award recipients, judging aspects such as innovation strategy, durability and quality, technological progress or how well a product is designed with the future in mind.