26 September 2022
26 September 2022, Comments Comments Off on Brianza Plastica has presented his new range of fiberglass laminates, celebrating his 60th anniversary
Brianza Plastica has presented his new range of fiberglass laminates, celebrating his 60th anniversary

Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf and IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hannover, the most important trade fairs for the recreational and commercial vehicle sector, have just ended. For Brianza Plastica, present at both fairs, it was also an opportunity to celebrate the sixtieth year of activity, simultaneously presenting its new range of products. In 1962 Giuseppe Crippa established the Company and he’s still its president. The efforts and knowledge of the founder, together with his family and staff, projected the Company into the international and diversified market of fibreglass laminates for industrial, commercial and automotive sectors.

Careful studies and researches have lead the Company to launch this year new products on the market, as the result of synergies between different chemical and technical departments, aimed at meeting the ever-increasing market demands for more effective materials. The Elycold range, characterized by the polymerization process at ambient temperature, has been enriched by the newborn Elycold Velo and Elycold Extra-glass.

The new Elycold Velo is realized with UV-stabilized orthophtalic polyester resin, reinforced with fiberglass; available both in rolls and sheets, it resists to chemical agents, is waterproofing and easy to wash. Elycold Velo is supplied without gelcoat: this characteristic is extremely important, since gelcoat is an expensive material, whose addition increases the weight of the laminate and hence the weight of the final vehicle too. The entire range of Elycold Velo grp laminates is particularly suitable for applications both in interior roofs and walls, or where a gelcoat protected material is not necessary.

The new Elycold Extra-Glass is available in rolls and sheets with gelcoat and presents increased mechanical performances. This product is designed to bring together very special characteristics in a single product, such as lightness, given by low specific weight, and high mechanical strength, coming from the high percentage of glass content. Elycold Extra-Glass is suitable for vehicles that require high impact resistance, weight saving and high aesthetics.

The last news of the Elyplan family, rolls and sheets produced by continuous lamination, is Elyplan Design 3D. The pleasant looking of these laminates is perfect for application in internal environments of recreational vehicles, buses and mobile homes; the final result is a pleasant surface, both to touch and sight. This product is an extremely “time saving” idea: compared to the current systems that use wood panels together with decorative paper, Elyplan Design 3D is a ready-to-install grp laminate.

Other new products in the Elyplan family are Elyplan Extra-glass biaxial in which, thanks to the usage of biaxial-non-crimp fabrics, the glass fiber reinforcement can be placed exactly in the direction where it is needed for the application; Elyplan Wall, ideal for wall for mobile houses thanks to its high-resistant plaster looking, and Elyplan  Bicolor, that combines two or more colors in a single product, ideal for  light transmission in vehicles roofs.

For more information, contact sales-flatlaminates@brianzaplastica.it or visit www.flatlaminates.com and follow Brianza Plastica on https://it.linkedin.com/company/brianza-plastica-fibreglass-laminates-division