16 May 2024
16 May 2024, Comments Comments Off on Brianza Plastica Elyplan Extra-Glass Biaxial: lightness and resistance in one grp laminate
Brianza Plastica Elyplan Extra-Glass Biaxial: lightness and resistance in one grp laminate

(Sponsored article) – Elyplan Extra-Glass Biaxial is the high-end product of Brianza Plastica’s Elyplan range, above all, in terms of mechanical strength and impact resistance.
Specifically, this grp laminate is made of 45° wovens and, due to the usage of biaxial-non-crimp fabrics, the fiberglass reinforcement can be placed exactly in the direction where it is needed for the specific use. This product is particularly suitable for applications where high impact resistance, weight savings, and aesthetics are essential. In fact, it can be used in various contexts, including recreational and commercial vehicles, and tank containers. Thanks to its properties, it can also be applied on vehicles’ roofs, where usually an extremely strong and adaptable component is needed.
Moreover, Elyplan Extra-Glass Biaxial fiberglass laminates have a low specific weight which makes them very light and the high percentage of glass contributes significantly to their mechanical strength. This grp laminate is also very resistant to the rapid changes in temperatures which make the laminate suitable for every climatic condition around the world.

Elyplan Extra-Glass Biaxial is part of the Elyplan family, the grp laminates which are manufactured by continuous lamination. The flexibility of the production system allows customers to choose the grp laminate best suited to their needs, for every application in temperature-controlled transport services, vans, restoration of walls, coolers and special applications.

Basically, it is ideal for applications that require washable surfaces, smooth or rough, with high resistance to corrosive elements present in the environment. The main advantage of continuous production is that it allows achieving the highest possible polymerisation of the composite material, coming from the use of technologies that best maximise this value. The result is a perfectly flat product, with very tight dimensional tolerances, that guarantees excellent quality at competitive prices.