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Brianza Plastica

Brianza Plastica was set up in 1962 to produce fibreglass laminates. Over time, it has significantly extended its market presence with a comprehensive product range. It has served the construction industry from day one and has been enjoying increasing success in the transport sector since 2006. In this arena, it supplies fibreglass sheets both to manufacturers of recreational vehicles (campers and caravans) and to lorry and refrigerated-trailer producers. The company is based in Carate Brianza (just north of Milan), with other factories in Ferrandina (near Matera), Ostellato (near Ferrara) and San Martino di Venezze (near Rovigo). It has storage facilities in Nola (near Naples), Lyon (France) and Elkhart (USA). Brianza Plastica is Europe’s largest producer of fibreglass. It makes laminates both with continuous hot and with discontinuous cold technology.


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Brianza Plastica creates LinkedIn page to share information with the flat laminates sector

The Brianza Plastica Fibreglass Laminates Division has created a LinkedIn page dedicated to sharing technical ...
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Brianza Plastica introduces Elyplan in new metallic colours

Brianza Plastica, the manufacturer of fibreglass sheets and rolls for interior and exterior walls and ...
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Brianza Plastica Spa acquires stake in Mobiltech Srl

Fincap, the company that owns Brianza Plastica Spa, has acquired a controlling stake in Mobiltech ...
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Brianza Plastica presents the new ELYPLAN DESIGN

Fibreglass laminate with PVC or paper for buses and recreational vehicles. Driven by the market ...
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Brianza Plastica doubles its production in fiberglass laminates

The growing market demand for recreational vehicles and refrigerated vans, led Brianza Plastica to open ...
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National RV Trade Show 2016: Brianza Plastica and its fiberglass laminates

Brianza Plastica showcased at National RV Trade Show 2016 in Louisville. The company produces fiberglass ...
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Elyplan Elycold 2020
Elyplan Elycold 2020
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Brianza Plastica SpA
Via Rivera, 50
20841 Carate Brianza
Tel:(+39) 036291601
F. (+39) 0362990457

Email: [email protected]
Web: www.brianzaplastica.it