11 August 2022
11 August 2022, Comments Comments Off on Bowlus introduces all-electric Volterra travel trailer with ability to off-grid indefinitely
Bowlus introduces all-electric Volterra travel trailer with ability to off-grid indefinitely

Bowlus, the manufacturer of luxury travel trailers first introduced in the 1930’s, has introduced what it says is the world’s first all-electric RV, the Volterra™. This model has a strong focus on sustainability, featuring fully electric power with a 100-percent increase in battery capacity over previous models, and the first application of AeroSolar™ in the RV industry, giving it the ability to be off-grid indefinitely.

The Volterra weighs 3250 lbs (1475 kg) with a payload of 750 lbs (340kg), and starts at $310,000. It uses 17 kWh of lithium iron phosphate batteries – a more than 100-percent increase in battery capacity from the Terra Firma model. It is also equipped with 20A outlets for emergency EV charging, the increased battery capacity extends the EV emergency charging range to approximately 65 miles. 

AeroSolar charges the lithium batteries while driving or camping, with no need for set up or activation. An optional 120W solar panel is also available.

The Volterra is designed to be towed by electric vehicles. Bowlus claims it is the first travel trailer with an induction cooktop and the first RV that is high-speed satellite internet-ready. The Volterra also features a new backup camera, a 150-percent increase in freshwater storage capacity, and a luxurious limited-edition color palette.

The induction cooktop provides faster and more energy-efficient heating than gas counterparts and better cooking, with precise temperature control and less ambient heat than gas. It is a safer way to cook without emitting gas into the air. 

Bowlus has reimagined its original aluminium travel trailer as today’s most advanced RV. It has a vision to create a sustainable movement in the RV industry. Designed and built to last for generations, every Bowlus is restorable in the future based on proprietary design and production methods. 

The Volterra underlined that Bowlus has a strong commitment to sustainability and consistently works towards minimising waste, water usage and it energy footprint.