31 August 2021
31 August 2021, Comments Comments Off on BMPRO strengthens its relationship with Jayco
BMPRO strengthens its relationship with Jayco

BMPRO, the power management and smart technology innovator, is moving towards its goal to secure a foothold within the United States by collaborating with Jayco Inc to provide the convenience of an all-new application and integration with third-party technologies to control and monitor an expansive range of vehicle functionalities.

As a result, the Jayco brands Starcraft and Highland Ridge have recently had the option to install BMPRO smart technology in the form of the TravelLink system. This further develops the relationship between the brands and grants a greater number of RVers with access to state-of-the-art system monitoring and control. 

“The ability to strengthen our relationship with Jayco USA and its partner companies has definitely helped us provide a greater level of accessibility to Smart RVs for American users… to help them make better travel decisions” said BMPRO CEO Louise Bayliss. 

The brand has closely collaborated with Jayco to monitor and take command of appliances within its RVs through the development of the latest JAYCOMMAND/TravelLink app powered by BMPRO, which builds on the previous JAYCOMMAND app.

BMPRO has indicated that owners of Starcraft and Highland Ridge RVs will now have the ability to monitor water tanks, temperatures, propane levels, tire pressure, battery voltages and other devices via Bluetooth and the RVIA’s industry standard RV-C Can protocols. 

BMPRO has also been instrumental in the integration of third-party technology, working with well-known industry brands such as leveling technology manufacturer Lippert, network technology specialist Winegard, Go Power solar solutions and Treddit on the internal TPMS of RVs.

“We’ve been presented with a really exciting opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s innovation leaders to help integrate a number of disparate technologies onto one interface.”, stated Bayliss

The finished product has empowered RV users to gain a greater level of convenience and control of their RVs from their smartphone, with JAYCOMMAND/TravelLink users able to control lighting, slide-outs, awnings, HVAC, and generators in an easily understandable user-friendly format.