17 April 2023
17 April 2023, Comments Comments Off on BMPRO promotes Scott Hunter to Head of Operations at US Division
BMPRO promotes Scott Hunter to Head of Operations at US Division

BMPRO, the RV power and control management company, has announced the promotion of Scott Hunter to the position of Head of Operations at its US Division. BMPRO says that Scott’s experience, accomplishments and dedication to the company’s growth and success make him the ideal candidate for this role.

Scott has been part of the BMPRO team for several years, and his leadership skills have helped drive the company’s continued growth and success. His experience in the RV industry has been invaluable, with a lifetime of exposure to the industry through their father’s involvement. Scott officially joined BMPRO in 2015 after installing door access and security systems for various RV facilities.

Scott’s significant achievements within the company include his work with the US division of BMPRO, taking the company from its early days to what it is today. As he stated, “The US Division of BMPRO is my biggest success thus far. I’ve been with BMPRO since before we even had an official mailing address, so taking the company from that to what it is now is a significant achievement.”

BMPRO’s promotion of Scott is a clear demonstration of the company’s dedication to the US RV market and its internal promotion policies. Scott’s well-deserved promotion is a direct outcome of his unwavering commitment, remarkable leadership, and hard work within the organization. BMPRO places great importance on appreciating and recognizing the efforts of its workforce, and this promotion is a reflection of that philosophy.

BMPRO has over 50 years of experience in power solutions combined with manufacturing and design facilities, making it an expert in RV power and control management. Over 150,000 BMPRO systems are installed across various power management, control, and monitoring systems in the RV industry worldwide.