3 August 2019
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Beijing - All in CARAVANING 2019

Growing Chinese market

Volume of transactions has risen sharply, and the number of visitors reached yet another record. On June 16th, AIC 2019 – the 8th All in CARAVANING successfully concluded at the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing).

On June 14th, AIC 2019 – the 8th All in CARAVANING opened its door at the Etrong International Exhibition & Convention Center (Beijing). AIC 2019 has brought together more than 200 brands of motor home and caravan, chassis, spare parts/accessories, campsites, camping equipment and outdoor products to showcase latest products and technologies on a total of 37,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor exhibition areas.
In the subsequent press conference, the four organizers of AIC, namely Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China National Travel Service Group Corporation, China Association of Automotive Manufacturers Recreational Vehicle Industry Committee (CMRV) and China Self-Driving Tour and Camping & Caravaning Association (STCCA) of CTACA were present and delivered warm speeches as well as an overview of the trade fair to an audience of various media outlets.

A strong lineup of well-known brands
Exhibitors showcased about 500 caravan models at varying price levels – from compact pickup trucks, motor homes, luxury vehicles to mini-caravans for the diverse needs of customers. The trade fair has attracted participation of international brands including Adria, Bliss Mobil, Coachman, Dethleffs, Hymer, Fendt, Pilote, Hobby, etc. Leading Chinese players and emerging brands also showcased the best of their collections, including RV International, REV RV, Jiangling, Yutong, Brilliance, SAIC MAXUS, LiveZone, CRVC, I4WD, Yate, Tourist, Huabeihui, Jinguan, Deeson, Jinghang, Bochi, Weihang, Erwin Hymer-Loncen, COSMOS, Spring RV, Rongye RV, MIY, KEFA, 1st RV, Shunlv, KINGSWAY, NOVAQUEST, Longtree, Junchi, Nuts and ACME, etc.

The caravan accessories
Exhibitors included both high-tech, top-quality international enterprises and cost-efficient niche brands, bringing a wide variety of products for visitors to optimize their vehicles. To help visitors with purchase decision by product recommendation, AIC has launched the “AIC Selection Award” for accessories for the first time this year. Onsite, visitors could search for booth with labels “Certificate of Best”, “Certificate of Excellent” and “Certificate of Recommendation” as reference. At “AIC Innovation” booth you could find the most innovative accessories and products of the year. The following brands have been recognized for their outstanding and innovative products, namely Arana, Ningbo Hongdu, Thetford, Dometic, Truma, Vohringer, Telair, Goshen, MOBO Mobile, Sanjo, United Industry & Trade and Renogy.

Facts and numbers
The indoor and outdoor exhibition areas totaled 37,000 square meters, with more than 200 brands from 22 countries and regions, 48% of which were international exhibitors. The three-day exhibition attracted 24,008 visitors from Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan Region, Germany, France, Australia, Italy, Canada, India, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan and other countries/regions, an increase of 8.18% over the previous edition. About 500 RVs of varying grades and brands were showed onsite. The newly opened “AIC Dometic Caravaner Parking Area” had more than 40 vehicles, creating an attractive view at AIC.
“When All in CARAVANING started here in China in 2012, this was a very new topic, not known to many people in China, but meanwhile caravaning is becoming more and more popular, and we are sure that alongside the show will grow and coming here a very bright future.” said Mr. Wolfram Diener during his first visit to AIC as the Operative Managing Director of the Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

Record number of trade buyers and group visitors
AIC launched its Buyer Program for the first time this year, and attracted a total of nearly one thousand buyers through cooperation with professional media outlets and extensive targeted advertising. As a result, buyers all showed clear intention to place orders and complete deals onsite. At the same time, organization of visitor delegation developed further to a total of 500 people based on last year. AIC continues to work with well-known enterprises to bring potential customers who have purchasing power and interest in caravan to the event for first-hand experiences.

Release of new vehicle models set off a buying frenzy
A highlight of AIC was the new RV model launching ceremonies at the event. Exhibitors all made great efforts to host press conferences, new product launch events or strategic partnership events with dazzling ideas, drawing the attention of visitors. A dazzling array of new models has triggered “a buying spree” among visitors. Signing of orders started from the first day on. Many prototypes were sold, with considerable potential orders to follow. Most exhibitors reported outstanding sales results. The organizer’s promotional campaign of offering Dometic Electric Cool Boxes as free gifts to caravan buyers was well received, as all the gifts were given away in merely one hour after opening each day. Accessories and outdoor products have also gained great popularity. Various exhibitors launched their innovative products of the year, including electrical appliances, kitchen and bathroom furniture, camping, and other products for caravan improvements, which have been well received by visitors.
“AIC’s eighth edition has achieved wonderful results, successfully fulfilled and even surpassed our expectations. The Chinese caravaning and camping industry is forging ahead with increasing market demand and tremendous potentials. I believe that AIC is ready to meet the challenges of the next eight years. Under the support of all partners, the mother show Caravan Salon and various international associations, it is bound to become the No.1 trade fair in caravaning and camping industry in Asia.” explained Mr. Marius Berlemann confidently, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Christian Geisreiter, Truma China General Manager

“In my opinion, the AIC Show (All in Caravanning) is important for the RV Market in China. A lot of new manufacturers exhibit their vehicles. It is mainly a BtoB exhibition. There are about 300 OEMs now producing RV’s in China; of course, some of them are very small, but there are also big ones like SAIC, Yutong, Brilliance, Great Wall, Ford, Jinghang, Hymer and others. Also, the rental business is doing well in China and has about 4,000-5,000 RVs available. To grow the market faster, we would need more promotion of RVing. The exhibition is one way to do this, and TV and the internet are also efficient. There are many campsites in China, with some still in the planning stages and others already under construction – however, some of them are just somewhere to park. The standard should increase in the future to convince more people to enjoy a weekend or holiday at a campsite. I can see that all the important OEMs are already operating in China, but more and more suppliers are entering this market as well and they will also help the market to grow because they want to do business in China. I think that the RV market in China will grow continuously in the future: The Chinese middle class demographic is growing and they want to enjoy life, nature and freedom.”

Mirko Trefzer, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing AL-KO Vehicle Technology

“The AIC show was well organized, but not comparable with any EU fair in terms of number of visitors. Overall, it was a very important show for us to meet many local and global contacts, and get a good impression of the market in China, as well as the market’s needs and key drivers. It was impressive to see the price range of RVs, from very basic up to luxury, which offers many possibilities for us. Globally, the RV market in China is growing the fastest, but is still on relatively low level in terms of numbers. The numbers available from the Chinese authorities and associations are far too optimistic, but even with realistic growth rates, the market gets more and more attractive to us. Our impression is that there will be a significant rate of growth in the future. The Chinese state has recognized the Leisure industry as an interesting field in terms of growth, but also as a way of offering the population a form of holiday which serves its desire for freedom and independency. The market will probably not “explode” from as first the Chinese need to “learn” how to go camping. Most of the caravans in China are only towed once to the campsite and then stay there forever. There is also an uncertainty about regulations (driving licenses), homologation issues (CCC) and a missing infrastructure. Many suppliers might soon be confronted with the decision whether to localize the production in China or not. To grow the market in China, I think the main players in the sector, especially the European caravan manufacturers, need to invest in “education” of local OEM customers and final users. The RV industry in China needs to know what needs to be considered in terms of safety and regulation, but also what is possible and easy to do? Furthermore, there is a need to develop rules and regulations with the local authorities in order to facilitate this way of spending holidays.”

Michael Nebel, Vice President Sales Caravan, AL-KO Vehicle Technology

“The AIC fair is focused on one hand on B2B business and contacts, and on the other hand bringing in new potential customers like young families! The fair is not as high quality level in terms of the look and quality of the booths/stands. The European association should make more effort in co-operating with marketing and work with authorities on lowering the hurdles for importing European vehicles.”

Lorenzo Manni, Commercial Director LCI RV Europe

“In terms of the look and feel of the exhibition, and how the products are presented, the fair now more similar to the standards expected at a European exhibition. It is very different to just a few years ago. In 2014, for example, the vehicles were less well developed with primative construction technology, and there were scarcely any international exhibitors.
The size of the Chinese population suggests that, at a certain point, there will be a boom in demand for RVs, but I honestly do not believe this will happen. This is because the growth of the culture of itinerant tourism will proceed at the same pace as the increase in infrastructure, which is so instrumental in making the market grow. Growth will continue to be important, but, in my opinion, there will not be a fast or huge sales increase. It will be much more progressive. I don’t think we can do much more than we are already doing as we already have the model of exhibition from the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon, and new European technology for the Chinese market. We should continue to support the market and continue to develop joint ventures with European manufacturers that bring their know-how to China.”

Sam Yang, Thetford China General Manager

“In my opinion AIC is definitely the leading B2B RV show in China. We are glad to see the market has been growing steadily over the past few years and we believe the trend will continue. As an international accessory company, we are dedicated to develop more and more China specific products to enhance the local RVing experience. The more people fall in love with RV camping, the faster the industry will grow.”

Yannick Vohringer, Purchasing manager at Vöhringer GmbH & Co. KG

“The model of the show has changed. In the past, it was mainly about making oneself known and making new contacts with potential business partners. This year, there were only a very few first time exhibitors present. Almost all OEM’s exhibiting are well known and well established. I find it unfortunate that AIC is not able to represent the full cross section of the market anymore. This is probably due to the fierce competition in the Chinese RV exhibition market. To my knowledge there will be 73 RV exhibitions in China this year, forcing OEM’s to make compromises about their presence at the shows. However, I believe in future the amount of RV exhibitions will be consolidated and AIC will turn out to be among the leading fairs for the industry in China.
Compared to recent years, the growth of China’s RV industry in 2019 is less strong. However, on average, we expect a double-digit growth of the Chinese RV market in the years to come. I don’t see sudden jumps in the market with growth rates above 30 percent per year. I also don’t believe that would be healthy for the industry either. Development of production processes and product quality will have to keep up with the increase in order to have satisfied consumers. And satisfied end customers are the foundation of a sustainable industry.
In my opinion, there is a natural incentive for China to increase domestic tourism in rural areas. Caravanning can play a substantial role in helping to achieve this goal. As an industry, we can support this trend by pushing for consistent regulations to guarantee safe travelling. Also, creating user-friendly products to make end consumers feel as comfortable as if they were at home. This is particularly important in order to reduce the inhibition levels of customers completely new to camping and caravanning.”