1 October 2021
1 October 2021, Comments Comments Off on Bailey of Bristol promotes caravanning with a high-flying caravan stunt in London
Bailey of Bristol promotes caravanning with a high-flying caravan stunt in London

A high-flying caravan from UK caravan and motorhome manufacturer, Bailey of Bristol, gave surprised tourists and Londoners a new perspective on caravanning as it was slowly craned into the sky above St Paul’s cathedral and placed on a rooftop terrace as the centrepiece of a media and industry event to celebrate the boom in staycations and caravanning during the COVID pandemic. 

Bailey of Bristol says that during the COVID pandemic, its caravan sales have increased by 15 percent and motorhomes by 30 percent, while visits to its website have hit one million for the first time ever and it has almost tripled its number of Instagram followers. It’s also noticed an acceleration in the rise of a new, younger profile of customers, many with children, who are more technology savvy and spend more time online and on social media.

Craning the caravan onto the rooftop required the expertise of highly-experienced operators and had required many months of planning, including arranging temporary road closures and closely monitoring weather forecasts. The event achieved coverage in national newspapers and specialist press.

Bailey, in conjunction with the Caravan and Motorhome Club, hosted a day of radio interviews from the caravan, and then held two events at the venue, one for guests from the UK caravan industry, and another attended by celebrities, Olympians, Paralympians, athletes and media guests. They all enjoyed stunning views across London as the sun set. Bailey gave two travel writers from national newspapers the opportunity to stay overnight in the caravan at the unique location.

“Craning the caravan onto a London rooftop has been a great way to celebrate an exceptionally busy and challenging year,” said Nick Howard, Managing Director of Bailey of Bristol. “We love doing events like this to challenge people’s perceptions of caravan holidays. Previously, we’ve towed caravans across Australia, done a winter trip above the Arctic Circle to see Santa in Lapland, and seen 21 countries in 21 days on an epic road trip to Istanbul and back!”, added Nick.